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The beginning

The first steps are always the shortest. Nobody makes giant leaps when beginning a new venture, so similarly my first post, the first step into the blogging world will be short. The planning to start a blog began ages ago, but my laziness never really allowed me to actually get to it. But now that i have finally begun, I intend to keep it up.

Now let me tell you a bit about myself. I am an aspiring writer, currently studying mass communication. That is pretty much all you need to know for now. More you will find later if you keep visiting my blog.

So lets talk about the latest happenings. What is happening in the world? The question is a little vague, since according to me there are two worlds. The real world where everyone including all my family and friends live, and then there is the world inside my head where up till now only i had the access to enter.

In the real world, the hottest news of the week is President obama’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, something which has made many people including the Taliban very happy. Whether this move is smart or dumb, only time will tell. For now the heavy debates and the what ifs will do.

Inside my grey cells however another story takes top most priority. The news story that i have to develop for the brief news report section of the magazine I am currently interning for. While the Obama story is interesting, it still in its progressing stages, therefore according to my editor, i still have to wait for the story to ‘grow’ a little. In the mean time i have to look for other stories… that have already ‘grown’.

My major subject asks, or rather politely requests me to stay abreast of the latest news. Something which I do not do, shamefully yes. But at times, like now with the internship, the news forces itself in front of my eyes, and I can no longer ignore it. Therefore i visit various sites for the latest news stories, even gossips and rephrase it to make one more news story nobody reads. But that just comes with the job.

Keeping my promise, I am ending the first blog, hoping to keep blogging regularly. Till  then if anyone reads this, thank you for your patience, and see you next time.

Love you


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