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Encouraging Online Shopping in Pakistan

When was the last time you purchased something over the internet? Never? Well that’s about to change. Online culture in Pakistan is making its way across the country and it’s here to stay. While many are still hesitant to let the virtual world take care of their needs, many have boldly ventured forward making use of this new medium to purchase almost everything from t-shirts to handmade artifacts online.

Lack of awareness is still the number one cause why people are not taking advantage of this one stop shop. Others are unsure of the genuineness of the products being sold. However all that is about to change.

Revolutionizing online shopping in Pakistan Blue Ex ( has created an online platform where everyone can purchase almost anything he wants without ever having to worry. Since many people do not prefer sharing their bank details over the internet, the scope of online shopping in Pakistan has remained neglected. With hundreds of scams and viruses stealing crucial user data, I would not blame them either. Therefore Blue Ex, by partnering with its creative team Imagine Ex ( has developed an iCheckout App that allows people to book their orders online and pay cash once the products are delivered to them. And the best part, it’s on Facebook. There is no need for you to visit any external website. Just visit the Facebook page and you have access to their online store.

Blue Ex started its cash on delivery services by featuring the ‘I am Pakistan’ wristbands that aimed at generating funds for flood victims. Once the service was launched, people from all over the country placed their orders from the comfort of their homes. The proceeds from the sale of these bands were donated to charities working for the rehabilitation of the flood victims. The response from people all over Pakistan was phenomenal. Customers from every corner of the country placed orders and received their bands within three to four days. The stage was set. Once people saw how easy it was to purchase things without providing bank details, the way to online shopping was paved. Blue Ex next partnered with leading t-shirt brands such as ‘Uth Oye’ ‘Teezine’, ‘Karachi tips’ and ‘Racofly’. The online store of Blue Ex not only gives its valuable customers a great price for the shirts, the quality too is strictly maintained. To add to the list of advantages, shipping within Pakistan is free of any delivery charges. Blue Ex has now grown to a level where people from abroad too place orders though certain conditions apply.

Blue Ex is currently in the process of expanding its online store and soon the customers will be able to purchase various products, from branded electronics to Islamic calligraphy.

People interested in contacting Blue Ex to know more can email their queries to

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  1. Hi i am Amber. By profession i am an HR Consultant.
    I don’t really trust on most online websites but this website are truly good and great gentlemen dwell there.
    I never got fake items, never been misguided. always got the right thing and they are low on price as well.
    i highly recommended you all for only.
    not like others who are show offing around.

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