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Make love not war – Why Pakistan needs to celebrate Valentine’s Day

From the title alone you can conclude that this blog will be little more than a slobber of clichés. However bear with me a little.

February is a very crucial time in Pakistan.  Not because of the grim reminder of brutalities taking place in Kashmir.  Neither due to the nearly frozen northern areas of the country.

This is the time of the year when single, and some married ‘jealous of the single’ people launch a tirade of fatwas and declaration against Valentine’s Day.

While history shows no possible link between the Christian Saint Valentine and the emotion that wrecks billion of lives not to mention wallets everywhere, Saint Valentine’s Day is all about professing love for one another.

However in Pakistan the land of the pure, this holiday is shunned with such vehemence it would seem as if it represented the very birth of Lucifer himself. In a country plagued with violence, people killing their loved ones without a flicker of reluctance, is setting aside a day to love madness?

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine is not just about loving people for whom you secretly harbour ulterior motives.  It is simply about love. If online facts are to be believed, and why shouldn’t they be, the highest selling Valentine cards are meant for teachers, parents or children.

In Pakistan, where people don’t think a second before stealing a child’s innocence, or beating up a teacher, is taking a day to gratify and honour a teacher for his time or a parent for his sacrifices haraam?

I came across tons of pictures on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter going with the idea ‘I don’t believe in Valentine Because I am  Muslim’. But tell me this, does Islam believe killing one another in cold blood? isn’t Islam a religion of peace and tolerance. Teaching us to be kind and respectful. Isn’t that what love is all about?

Even though for the other 364 days we can get away with being such savages to each other, taking just one day to celebrate life, the gift of Almighty Himself, appreciating His creation, is the idea really so appalling. For all those who think that Valentine spreads unlawful mingling of young men and women, and must be banned against, please read my clichéd blog once again.

It is just a day. Like any other. A day to give you an opportunity to appreciate the important people in your life whom you take for granted every day. A day to truly express how much these people mean to you. Even though you should be grateful a lot more often, you have your excuses. But Valentine’s Day is the one time in the year when these excuses need a break.

The world today is on an airplane ride to Armageddon. If one day allows you to stop being so hateful, does being a Muslim really justify boycotting it?

7 thoughts on “Make love not war – Why Pakistan needs to celebrate Valentine’s Day Leave a comment

  1. You voiced my opinion. I can’t understand why people have restricted the emotion of love to attraction between the opposite (or sometimes same) sex. Love can be harboured for everyone who seems important to you.

    Oh and the pictures, the ultimate comedy and representation of self-obbssessed mindsets. I came across one picture the other day which said ‘International HAYA Day’ with a bleeding heart hit by cupid’s arrow. The cation said ‘please share this, it’s for ‘our’ Islam’. :p

  2. will u be my valentine 🙂 ?. i disagree . valentine’s is celebrated with more fervor than like . 1. kashmir day 2. mother’s day . 2. aids say or breast cancer awareness day ! i love the kidney shaped heart balloons selling like any thing on gulshan clifton signals even the flowers are replaced by bouquest by the phool walay bachy . and scene tou park towers may hota hai 😉 seee la lay kooom i loave u . miranda peeeongi .. nahi balkay ab tou mein laal wali sting !! ;). facebook is filled with namoonaaz !

    • that is the point. that is the only kind of love people here think about. nowhere it is said that valentine’s day is only for lovers.

  3. Saw an infinitesimal sign “We dont celebrate valentines!” under ginormous purple cadbury hearts today…religion is nothing when it comes to big advertising bucks

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