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Day 1 Pakistan Fashion Week.

Lost and in a daze, I arrived at the Pearl Continental Hotel to take my designated position as a live blogger for Team Imagine Ex / Blue Ex. By the time I left, I was lost no more.

Though the event really tested the patience of those prompt enough to arrive on time, once it kicked off, nobody was complaining.

As rows and rows began filling up with fashionistas and celebrities, the lights dimmed and a loud blare of music informed us that the show had begun. No wait that was the lady on the microphone. And just like that, Aminah Sheikh appeared on the ramp wearing a gorgeous Bunto Kamzi ensemble!

In an instant the online world came alive. Tweets, statuses and blogs about the ongoing event began making their way to the outside world. For the first time Fashion Pakistan Week also opened its doors to everyone through their live streaming which can be viewed everyday through their Facebook Page

After a much deserved standing ovation, Banto Kazmi’s elegant designs gave way to the more futuristic Sanam Chaudhry’s. Now I am pretty partial to Sanam, one because of the delicious cupcake she provided us poor media personnel with, and two, the most talked and tweeted about moment happened during her showcasing. Mathira’s wardrobe malfunction. That’s all I am going to say on that.

The funky neon colors now were replaced with the bolder oranges and reds of Sanam Agha. And soon the ramp was taken over by Ayesha Hashwani and Pinky (Pinx) Durrany.

Arslan & Yahseer provided the much needed eye candy with their men’s collection but the real cherry on the cake was Maheen Khan. They say the best is kept for last. And indeed, Maheen Khan really gave the already spectacular evening the extra oomph which in terms of a social media junkie, made the event the top trending topic in Pakistan on Twitter. (Believe or not, that was my reason for participating in such a glamorous event).

And so while I spent most of the evening with my eyes glued to the computer screen, I did pick out a few personal favorites! Banto Kazmi without a doubt made me drool! The hot hot reds in Maheen Khan’s collection simply took my breath away. And of course Arslan & Yahseer but that’s a different story.

Pictures by Iqra Shoukat

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