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Day 2 Fashion Week Pakistan

So after being completely mesmerized at day 1 of Pakistan Fashion Week 2012, I was more than hyped to attend Day 2, and it could not have been better.

The show started an hour late, which wasn’t very fashionable, even for a fashion show. But as one by one people lined up to take their seats, all was forgotten. I now engaged myself in my favorite people spotting hobby, all the while tweeting it to the world outside, that desperately wanted to be a part of this prestigious show.

While the internet service provided could really need some improvement, the show itself was flawless.

Shela Chatoor displayed her collection first. As one after another of her luxurious gowns made way down the ramp, astonished oohs and aahs could be heard from the crows. The ‘Shela’ factor so commonly visible in her designs was, was very vibrantly evident.

Next up was Zahid Bashir’s Kuki Concepts. The collection was carefully enveloped around the idea of age old traditions. To keep true to those traditions, Bashir used a variety of fabrics like Chandi pati Banarasi, Tanchoi and velvet. The end result was breathtaking. His collection he calls ‘Uns’ meaning love which he dedicated to his mother, wife and daughter. Very sweet!

Just when I thought what could possibly top that, Ayesha Somaya took the stage. The whole theme behind their collection was the color of love Pink. The ramp was soon overflowing with luxurious and elegant dresses within which a unique blend of eastern and western designs could be seen.

And then there was Next! Originally a British fashion brand, Next has a complete set of clothing, footwear and accessories to its name. As soon as Next took over, I heard someone say, ‘finally clothes I can wear’. And that says a lot about the affordability as well as the overall hip look of the outfits… considering that I was sitting in the media section. However Next also won over the audience with their children collection displayed proudly by models no more than 10 years old! They confidence with which they walked the ramp was both cute and admirable.

After that Rizwanullah was supposed to showcase his collection, but rumor has it, his collection wasn’t complete. So on it passed to Tayyab Bombal. With his menswear Tayyab Bombal certainly stood out from amongst the other designers presenting that night.

And last but not the least, Umar Sayeed. Golly be, what do I say about Umar Sayeed. I was just gaping pathetically all the while his collection was being showcased. The intricate embroidery, the delicate combination of color – the end result? Truly magical. Sayeed once more proved why he is known as a fashion guru in the subcontinent.

And so not a moment too soon the night was over and the dream came to an end. Now you too can be a part of Fashion Pakistan week 2012. Visit Etihad Airways – Pakistan and vote for your favorite designer at the event. To help you choose better, pictures have also been put up.

Pictures courtesy 18% Grey

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