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Day 4 – Fashion Pakistan Week 2012

After a star-studded Day 3 of Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 that nearly blew people away, expectation for day 4 were unusually high. With the bar set so high, people were left questioning what could day 4 possibly offer that would top day 3. By the end of the night, however, too much was left to be desired.

Completely off the schedule, the show started very late. With too many people trying to be a part of the event, security was extra tight, and made one wonder, if day 4 too would contain pleasant surprises. Alas.

Sana Safinaz opened the show with their collection. The label that needs no introduction, the collection included glittering shades of gold, greens and purples. The evening gowns in silk and chiffon gave off an eloquent look of pure luxury. One of the most well received brands, Sana Safinaz once more displayed why people all over the world love their designs so much.

And then, the never to happen before occurrence in a fashion show! Models clad head to toe in black ‘abayas’ took control over the ramp, clutching in their hands some very ‘Tapulicious’s bags. Yes, Tapu Javeri had done the unthinkable! He, for his showcasing got models to dress in burqas, to highlight his leather bags. That wasn’t a necessity I believe, because no one could steal a look off the bags anyway! With Nazia Hassan playing in the background, even Freiha Altaf made an appearance in an abaya clutching a very Tapulicious bag.

I am afraid it all went downhill from there. There were some surprisingly highpoints, but not enough to save the night for being a disappointment. Up next was Abdul Samad. Ah! Abdul Samad. While I am sure his heart lies in the right place and what he did was all in good faith, the end result came back to bite him…. in the behind. He based his entire collection on the great man, the founder of Pakistan Quaid –e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. No one was sure what exactly to expect from him, but once unveiled, so many comments, and not good ones.

His showcasing opened up with Zaid Hamid in the background. And people actually applauded. That was the second never to happen before occurrence in one show on the same night! Ejaz Aslam appeared on the ramp sporting a very fake mustache and wearing a black velvet Sherwani complete with a turban. I am guessing Quaid-e-Azam wore that to someone’s wedding? Not sure. What followed suit was simply horrifying and also in a tiny way reminded me of my grandfather in his ‘I am out to hunt’ pictures. There was one Jinnah’s lawyer inspired ensemble too, that included a wig and the gown they give prefects to wear in school. The suits were sharp and possibly the only thing that saved Abdul Samad’s showcasing from heading towards utter doom.

After committing a possible blasphemy against Jinnah, Abdul Samad walked the ramp with Sajad Hassan as Liaquat Ali and Mohmmar Ranaa as Quaid-e-Azam. I was left thinking if I was infact at Pakistan Fashion week or the theatre play ‘Pawnay 14 August’ featuring these great men.

Iman Ahmed’s Body Focus Museum now replaced the ‘Jinnah’s fashion museum’. The collection appeared as if it took heavy inspiration from Grecian goddesses. Models draped in pure elegant whites took over the ramp. The palette used by Iman Ahmed was mostly black and white with very little hint of color. She did go overboard with the goddess-y look, making the models wear dresses that looked like tents.

After a long break, as the show resumed Deepak Perwani’s ‘Before Sunrise’ was showcased. Elegant dresses, glamorous sarees, what was there not to love. The palette wasn’t too screaming in your face bright. With his classy evening gowns Deepak Perwani showed the world how it is really done.

By this time I believe the highpoint of the night had already come and left. Feeha Jamshed was next. She dedicated the collection to her late sister killed in an unfortunate accident. The idea was very moving, but left the crowd utterly depressed. The slow moving, tribute paying models, coupled with the rose petals all gave off a very ghastly impression. By the time it was over, I was just sad.

And finally Honey Waqar. Bright, shiny and over the top designs described the complete collection. Shimmery dresses with huge roses everywhere were a little intimidating, and not very easy on the eyes.

One idea used both by Deepak Perwani and Honey Waqar was incorporating faces onto the clothes as design. I am no fashion critic but the image just scares the living daylights out of me! If I see someone wearing someone’s face on their clothes, I won’t be able to look at anything else for the rest of the day. If I own one, I would make sure it hangs in the darkest corner where the eyes won’t follow my every move. But hey that’s just me! 


Do not forget to vote for your favorite designer for Etihad’s Most Inspiring Designer Award. Simply visit and like the picture of your favorite designer. The result will be announced on 16th April on Hum TV.

Pictures Courtesy Imagine Ex.


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  1. One of the Design which Iraj wore from Deepak Design .. My Wife Bought similar design in 2007.. Felt like a lil bad with that

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