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Another nail in the coffin.

Ever since I joined the social networking site Twitter, in July 2011, my whole world has turned upside down. In a good way. Where previously I had to keep my dark humour mostly to myself, I now get to share it with the world… or at-least the 700+ people who for God knows what reason follow me on the site.

A friend introduced me to the site saying ‘it’s tons of fun’ and I asked her the same question I now dread hearing from other people, ‘What does one do on Twitter’. The question as I have learned in almost a year is, everything.

Once I got hooked on to the site there was no stopping me. Connecting with other social castoffs, sharing experiences the world was instantly a better place. Soon twitter was doing things for me that people can’t even do for themselves… like find me a job. Yep. You heard right.

Twitter is a world of endless possibilities. I have ‘talked’ and not just ‘stalked’ many of the well known people in the Pakistani media, who have been very encouraging. Very recently I was one of the six people covering Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 solely for Twitter. Social media is a powerful thing indeed.

Courtesy KarachiTips

But today, the world I built for myself high up in the skies came crashing down with two texts from my fellow tweeples… ‘Twitter is blocked in Pakistan’ they said. Removing sleep from my eyes like nothing ever did, these text shook me to the core. I jumped out of bed and logged on to find Twitter inaccessible.

What followed was a wail of ‘NOs’ and ‘How could they’. But soon I discovered, like everything in Pakistan, this ban had a flaw too. I logged on to a twitter client that I used and managed to tweet like usual. Once there I saw many of the tweeples I follow had already beaten me to the punch. Some were using Twitter for mobile, others had set up proxies. Furthermore they were helping others how to find the loophole as well. The funny bit was that, very few actually knew what the cause behind this ban was. Something to do with blasphemy perhaps? I usually get most of my news from Twitter, so I am kind of in a rut here.

The bottom line, bans like these never work. There was a similar ban on facebook once. Nothing happened. Then came the infamous ban on certain words over the sms. Boy did my vocabulary increased that day. And now this. Seems like the only thing Pakistani government is capable of doing is imposing bans on everything the people can do. Ban on pillion riding, cng stations for selling cng on Saturdays. Ban on malls after 8 o’clock. Instead of finding solutions for things we cannot do, we put restrictions on things we can do. We just love to make a fool out of ourselves. These bans never really accomplish anything. They just help us, the awam find new ways of breaking the so called rules.

We as a nation are screwed. Enough writing, back to tweeting like a rebel! Ciao.

16 thoughts on “Another nail in the coffin. Leave a comment

  1. This ban was not supposed to happen according to IM Rehman Malik. Banning these sites for reasons of blasphemy etc are only going to increase the viewership of those *Censored* pages! Like as if twitter is “really” banned. Hahahaha..:-)

  2. You know the ban on facebook actually worked… Even though I dont quite support such bans, we should be aware of the reason… They want to right the wrong but our government tries to be the screwdriver completely oblivious of the fact that they’re the ones in fact screwed… 😀

  3. A funny post. I don’t agree with the last line about my nation. But I can empathize with you.

    I joined the same time as you. It’s cool to know you were among the six at the fashion event. All the best in becoming one of the top contributors to the Pakistani/Asian/International Twitterverse.

    I believe we’ll mature and learn from our mistakes as a nation. I think it’ll take time. But I’m optimistic. We’re really passionate people, we just need to put the ‘T’ between ‘E’ & ‘A’. (Emotions.Think. Act). (^__^)

  4. if u keep nailing like this, beware off a ban.. it might come on you :P:P bt dont worry we will still find jugarr to read your writings, just keep em coming.. stay blessed

  5. Exactly the day we find solution to our problem is the day we don’t need any thing ..
    is there any one thing our govt find a solution for and implemented it !? nopes ! ban 😉

  6. i love ur writeup, engaging and Thank you for this, twitter opened in like few hours because of this blog piece. “KEYBOARD” ki TAQAT 🙂 oh & i totally love the theme of ur blog 🙂

  7. Perfect!
    I usually tell the same thing to my friends and colleagues! but I suppose they will have to read your blog post to believe me!
    Good one!

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