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Lux Style Awards 2012

Being a blogger sure has it perks. I recently enjoyed some of them after being invited to the Lux Style Awards 2012. I was of course the ‘social media’. Such a cool ring the term has to it.

Held at Expo centre Karachi on July 10th 2012, the star studded gala was everything you can think it to be. Over the top, glitzy, glamorous and numerous other adjectives ran through my mind. Being one of the few nerdy bloggers in the sea of ‘cool’ people, yes I thought of adjectives to describe the night later in my blog.

The trophy

While others posed and ‘cheesed’ for pictures, the nerd (me) was busy tweeting about how people posed and ‘cheesed’ for pictures. The Ponds waiting area, a perfect substitute to the play area at other venues kept the guests occupied as hour after hour passed by with no signs of the event starting. People took turns to ‘cheese’ yet again with two golden Ponds women, for whom one couldn’t help but feel sorry after a while.

The Golden Girls

Once the show started everything was forgotten. Ahmad Ali Butt was the host of the show, and pulled off quite a number of well maila jokes at other people’s expense. But of course it’s always funny when it’s about other people so I laughed away. (Did I mention I secretly love him now?)

The awards for the best film, actor and actress without doubt all went to the movie Bol. But that might have to do with the fact that Bol was the only movie made and nominated. End of story.

Recognizing the gems of the industry for the work they dedicated their life to is always heart warming. And the tribute paid to Ahmad Rushdie was no less. After being given the award for lifetime achievement, numerous celebrities grooved onstage to his beats. One of them was Faisal Qureshi. All those times I complained about him being the judge of a dance competition, I take that back. The guy can shake it indeed.

The performance

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy was also presented with a Special Appreciation Award, which she said meant more to her than the Emmy, since her work for the first time was appreciated at home.

The show had its share of highs and lows. My favourite moment was of course Ahmad Butt ramping it up on stage. The not so favourite moment included Sadia Imam trying to act cute while announcing the winner’s name.

The most awaited moment of the night came when Ali Zafar paid a tribute to the late Mehndi Hassan. His performance of the ever green hit ‘Mujhay Tum Nazr Say Girah Tou Rahay Ho’ will be remembered for a long time to come.

And the award goes to:

Best Film Bol by Shoaib Mansoor
Best Film Actor  Manzar Sehbai for Bol
Best Film Actress Humaima Malik for Bol
Lifetime Achievement Award Ahmed Rushdie
Special Appreciation Award Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy
Best TV Actress  (Terrestrial) Sanam Baloch for ‘Sehra Teri Pyaas’
Best TV Actor (Terrestrial) Noman Ejaz for ‘Aao Kahani Buntay Hain’
Best TV Serial (Terrestrial Tera Pyar Nahi Bhoolay
Best TV Actor (Satellite) Faisal Qureshi for ‘Rog’
Best TV Actress (Satellite) Savera Nadeem for “Qaid-e-Tanhai’
Best TV Serial (Satellite) Mera Saeen
Best TV Writer Sameera Fazal for ‘Mera Naseeb’
Best TV Director Sarmad Khoosat for ‘Paani Jaisa Pyar’
Best Song of the Year ‘Woh Humsafar Tha’ by Quratul Ain Baloch
Best Original Soundtrack Woh Humsafar Tha
Best Music Video Director Adnan Malik for ‘Mera Bichra Yaar’
Best Music Album ‘Jhoom’ by Ali Zafar
Best Emerging Talent Bambu Sauce
Best Emerging Talent in Fashion Zaheer Abbas
Best Fashion Photographer Rizwanul Haq
Best Hair and Make-up Artist Nabila at N-Pro
Achievement in Fashion Design-Pret Kamiar Rokni
Achievement in Fashion Design-Luxury Pret Sania Maskatiya
Achievement in Fashion Design-Lawn Sana Safinaz
Best High Street Brand Khaadi
Best Menswear Designer Omar Farooq @ Republic
Lifetime Achievement Award Faiza Samee
Model of the Year (Female) Cybil Chowdhry
Model of the Year (Male) Abbas Jafri
Best Dressed Red Carpet Male Umair Tabani
Best Dressed Red Carpet Female Sanam Chaudhry

28 thoughts on “Lux Style Awards 2012 Leave a comment

  1. Was it Sadia Imam (Iman?) ??…. I feel for the poor Ponds ladies too… it must have been exhuasting for them… I guess we should give them contact for tht Suzanna wala massage guy 😛

  2. Awesome 😀 even tho Khaadi s lawn sucked this time, I am glad they won 😀 I love me some Khaadi 😛 Yayy for Sanam Baloch, she s really got the makings of a star 😀

  3. Cool write-up. I personally think all these award shows are too pretentious. Very few people who come are actually talented, the others are just rich. And you’re right about the Bol thing 😛

  4. wow really nicely written entry, i was reading your tweets that day and yes you are very good at this. Its a shame i haven’t seen BOL yet 😦 but lol that was the only movie for sure…. keep it up!! 🙂

  5. Nicely written. The excitement in your words is infectious. The pictures could have been better. However I do appreciate you adding photos you took to this post. We, your readers, are grateful for all the masala and colors you put into your post. I find this post hilarious too. So….Ahmed Ali Butt? He’s a chef? Just kidding. (inside joke)

    It was sad to know Manzar Sehbai not appreciating the ‘best film actor’ award for some reason. (

    Such a small film industry we have. I bet most people could have predicted the awards for drama and others too.

    It must’ve been difficult for the organizers to come up with a different theme this year and executing it.

    The performances by singers and actors must’ve been great. Thanks sharing the experience with us.

  6. Acha to tum likhti hi ho. to us pe tareef karna to jesay sooraj ko charakh dikhana hoga, chota mun barri baat hojaye gi.. Par ye akelay akelay ghomna band karo ab, mujhe bhi sikhao samjhao.. main ne bhi khailna ha..

    Jeeti raho

  7. Loved this. It’s so much better than the reports published in newspapers, the coverage was so pathetic and sugar-coated. Nice work Sidra 🙂

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