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The Noodle House – Open for All.

First it was for the Lahoris. This time around, the foodies of Karachi got the treat they deserve when The Noodle House opened its doors to the public from October 1st at PC. The moment I had been waiting for all my life finally arrived. I was invited to attend an exclusive prelaunch event organized by Catalyst PR on September 28th. I was finally a food blogger.

The event in itself was fancy stuff. Red carpet and all. Spotted quite a few people, Humayun Saeed and Tapu Javeri to name a few. Not a fan of the former, so kept my sanity intact. A fan of the latter, yet still managed to remain poised. Looked around to see a person from Vibe TV interviewing the chef. Vibe? Let me assure you, it was still very fancy. Had my awkward pictures taken, with my equally awkward fellow bloggers, mingled a bit until it was finally time to enter.

The noise was the first thing that hit you. Considering how it was a prelaunch, launch you would expect some order. However things were to sum it up, chaotic. Also considering how I was just the blogger, I allowed the servers to take their sweet time in bringing food.

I didn’t get to eat much, but what I did eat was delicious. What turned me off was the plastic fork! I absolutely detest plastic cutlery. I also refuse to eat without a knife. I am someone who eats kulfi with a knife(here’s a picture to prove it) so how can you expect me to eat noodles with just a plastic fork? Ignoring the comments of my fellow bloggers, I managed to eat some, and graciously offered the rest to a friend.

The ambiance was pretty much what you would expect. Lots of plush leather, wooden interior.. oh and much too dark. A live cooking table gives you ample view of your food being cooked so you can be sure, no one’s spitting in your food. All in all a pleasure to visit. Hoping to go back once again now that its open  for all.

What I ate:

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  1. I think u have an idea of how much i enjoyed reading this blog . just FYI, i m invited to a full fledged dinner at the noodle house and in Lahore . well … part of the exhibition i m attending in lahore. reagrds. Awkward fellow blogger

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