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The start of Fashion Week 4

Fashion week is back. Showcasing a number of top designers, the stage has been set, featuring the very best in men’s and women’s wear in Pakistan. Starting from October 21st at Pearl Continental Karachi,

Here is what to expect from day 1

1 Sonya Battla
2 DNF (Men’s Wear)
3 Maimoona H
4 Ayesha Hassan
5 Kuki Concepts
6 Nargis Hafeez
7 Ishtiaq Afzal Khan
8 Warda Saleem
Warda Saleem
Ayesha Hassan

Now having personally witnessed the collections by Warda Saleem and KuKi Concepts in the last Fashion Week, I know for sure that these two will put up a great show. As for the rest, I will find out soon enough and make sure you all do too. For more live updates follow me on Twitter or join the Fashion Pakistan’s official Facebook Page. You can also join in the conversion using the hashtag #fpw!

See you all in three hours! Till then Arrivederci.

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