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Nandos Revamped!

Nandos has been grilling something new!


Famous for its ultra hot Peri Peri chicken, the restaurant is the go to place to really awaken those tastebuds. And as if things weren’t melting already, Nandos took a bold step further and introduced a whole new menu in Pakistan.

Rest assured, your favourite Peri Peri chicken section stays as is, but with some great new additions. Along with the usual grilled chicken, now say hello to ‘Butterfly Chicken Breast’ and ‘Chicken Wings’. Butterfly Chicken Breast is mainly a succulent boneless chicken breast served with regular and Fino sides, consisting of grilled veggies and sweet mashed potatoes. Whereas the chicken wings are chunky pieces of heaven that diners can enjoy side by side their regular meal.


Making things interesting is the revamped recipe for the deliciously fresh Mediterranean Salad as well as the introduction of ‘Caesar Salad’ doused in Nando’s own Caesar dressing! Sounds delectable! Tastes even better.


This new improved menu has made additions to every section. Whether it is the inclusion of the all new wraps, or the changes made to the already existing dishes such as the new recipe of ‘Cataplana’, visiting Nandos cannot be put off any longer! 

For a look at their new menu please visit:

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  1. Nandos quality has gone down the drain. They can only make awesome pics of there recipes for internet but what is actually served on plate to customer is ugly and fazool.

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