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I am a Pak voter. Are you?



With elections in Pakistan looming ahead many people have given up hope and are not planning to vote in the upcoming elections. While the final decision rests with them, being adamant on it without realizing the underlying issues only serves the wrong purpose.

Voting is one of our basic rights as civilians. It may appear as if no candidate is worth backing, or no one is capable to help. But, it takes a village to raise a child. Likewise it will take a group effort to bring a positive change.

People have started on a quest for change. No longer having faith in the current government they think if they do not vote, their problems will be solved. On the contrary, a change can only be brought by voting.

Exercising our vote is something we all must do. If we don’t vote, the people who shouldn’t be in power will win. Their loyalists will vote for them. And with us not casting any, they will once more gain control. Isn’t this what we are trying to change? Shouldn’t we cast a vote then, if not to elect someone, then to help not elect someone who is not capable?

It is very difficult for neutral people without agendas to agree with everything a candidate is offering them in return for their vote. Most of the offers are empty promises. But some are indeed true. I think we should assess all candidates and go with what suits us the most. Adaptability is a core ability of humans. Instead of giving up all hope for the better, I think we should learn to adjust with the best possible option. See what promises the candidates have made, and analyze which ones will help you. It is not a person you support, but an idea. And if a candidate is offering to implement that idea, I think he deserves a chance to prove it.

Voting is our duty as a citizen. It is a mechanism by which we can express the power of the people against the power of leaders. Standing up for our rights, we need to establish the fact, that it is indeed ordinary people like you and me who matter and give leaders power to make this country better for us. The only way to achieve that is by casting your vote in the direction you think is the correct.

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  1. “Adaptability is the core ability of human” Of course but not possessed by every individual however by those who know how to tolerate, and tolerance determines a man’s ability to adapt.
    Nicely written

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