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Elections 2013 – Inked thumb, full stomach.

Election mania is in full swing. The television channels are going ballistic showing political advertisements over and over and over. Enthusiasm is in the air with supporters of every party playing their party songs on full volume, young swanky lads with a 16inch waist dancing on the main roads, showing their excitement.

In a bid to increase the turnout for elections 2013, many eateries around Karachi are offering various discounts and freebies. If you live in Karachi and still haven’t made up your mind about voting, here is what your ‘un-inked’ thumb is missing.

Lals Patisserie located at Khayaban e Shahbaz will offer you free sorbets (fat free alternative to ice creams). Yum!

Free Sorbet from Lals Patisserie
Free Sorbet from Lals Patisserie

Your day isn’t complete without a cuppa joe? Get free coffee from Espresso! I’m in.

On election day, let your thumb help you make a difference!
On election day, let your thumb help you make a difference!

Is your patriotism on the down low? Get free green cake pops from the Cakery.

Green pops from Cakery
Green pops from Cakery

Too hot outside you say? Your inked thumb gets you free cold coffee from Pie in the sky and a cocktail from Khava. And of course who can say no to a freshly brewed Ice tea from Gloria Jeans. Also free lemonade from The Pantry. Yes you can’t use weather as an excuse anymore.

gloria-jeans-election-2013-category 198869_10151472431809580_1701346972_n 65624_110144029191196_1174801353_n

Too much to drink and nothing to munch on? Wrong. Get a lemonade AND crispy fries from Cafe 76.


A day of excitement will leave you tired and hungry you think? Get 15% off from Forty4 Restaurant. I wonder if a group of 7, all voters, goes to Forty4 will they not have pay at all? You know 15% offer for each voter. I am bad at maths. Please calculate and tell me too.


In the mood for Chinese? Ginsoy offers you 25% off! Same question for them as Forty4 restaurant though. ginsoy-election-vertical-2013

Hero tastea isn’t willing to stay behind. Show them your thumb and get free tastea from Port Grand or


Too much food and no dessert? How can that be, to end a perfect day get free desserts from The Lantern.


Take a picture of your election/voting adventures and tweet with a hashtag to win gift hampers from


Take pictures of your inked thumbs (manicured please) and send it to for points that gurantee a little something extra every time your order food from them.


Everybody’s favorite hangout Port Grand has made entry free for all voters. Just show up, flash a thumb and head right in for an exciting time.


Did you think your inked thumb will only just feed you? Oh no. Being a voter has more perks than that. Dolmen Mall clifton is offering a 20% discount to all customers on Saturday.


Never has a thumb been so in demand… unless of course you are texting.

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  1. Dear Miss Sidra,
    I am a pakistani who resides in the US. I very much enjoy reading about the happenings of Karachi. I wish you well for this election, and hope that everything turns out better for Pakistan.

  2. Yeah, my parents live with me as well, so I’m not some creepy single guy. So the sharif brothers back again? Don’t forget to claim that laptop they promised to every student in Karachi.

  3. An informative blog about how it different companies supported the current election with full passion. I am a regular follower of They were very keen in engaging the general public towards patriotism. On regular basis they promote and engage general public to show their love for Pakistan

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