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The Rizvis made Tindaas!

It doesn’t take long for your life to turn upside. For me it took a day. Yes I’m slow.

The mother had been complaining about toothache all night. Then she said she felt numbness in her left arm. Having enough relatives with heart conditions we recognized the signs. Her blood pressure was normal, and being a staunch disbeliever of modern medicine, mum strictly denied going to a doctor.

“It’s late,” she said. “I’ve taken a painkiller, I feel better.” And like that she slept. The next morning she woke up as usual, left for school. Did I mention she’s a teacher? The one who never misses school, and makes sure her children don’t either..  All was fine. Barely an hour later, dad gets a call. Mum had a heart attack.

And like that, the world came crashing down.

My mother is the glue holding the house together. She keeps us siblings from killing each other, and the dad from disowning us outright. She makes sure, we are not starving, sleep deprived or (for the lack of a better word, junglee (wild). She may have had funny ways of going about these, like chappal throwing to keep us in line, but in the end you know she means well.

Now on the other end of uncountable tubes, she lay in the hospital bed, frail, yet smiling. And I realized, suddenly I am the adult, sort of. I now faced the most daunting challenge ever. How to and what to cook for the dad and younger sister?

I went up to the daddy and asked: What shall I make for dinner?

Dad: What can you make?

Me:  Umm nothing?

Dad: Let’s go look in the fridge. We’ll make whatever is in it.

Yep we were screwed.

The kitchen to us was a strange territory. Yet together we ventured forth.

Dad: Wonderful! Here are some tindaas (apple gourd) we can make subzi (vegetable hotchpotch I don’t eat).

Me: How many should I take out?

Dad: About half.

Me: There’re 5.

Dad: Take 2.5 (You can see he’s the mathematician in the family)

After carefully washing them the next task: what to do with them? Prior to this day, the only thing I knew about tinday was the Tinday Basheeray, and I don’t even know what’s that.

Dad: Boil them. That way we will have 2 dishes. Subzi and vegetable soup.

The water was put to boil and the hapless tindaas thrown in.

Dad: Is there any atta(flour) in the fridge? We can make parathas. (yikes)

The atta was fetched, and turned into somewhat circle blobs ready to be kneaded. The phone rang next. Dad went out. I went to tweet. And the tindaas, well I like to think they went to a better place.

Reduced to soft mush, there wasn’t much left do with them. Did I mention we forgot to remove them once put to boil?

Long story short, the burgers ordered online via tasted absolutely delicious.


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  1. You shouldn’t play with emotions like that. I had a very tough day already and now I am torn between loving you and your piece for its subtlety or devising an elaborate plan to simply kill you for this. I have made bookmarked the website though, just in case.

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