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Teeth – Always in style.

Blessings and goodwill aside, Ramazan is your ‘get away with not brushing teeth’ free pass. Nobody judges you for having yellow teeth, or having a foul smelling breath. Yes, for a month we get to experience what the British do all year round.

So there is no brushing of teeth, then an excruciating exposure to all sorts of oily, sticky, sweet food at Iftari and by the end of it all, it’s a miracle our teeth still function for more munching on Eid.

To raise awareness over dental hygiene all through Ramazan, Colgate Pakistan, ran a drive all over Pakistan. This drive concluded with Iftar, held at Pearl Continental on August 7th. This ‘exclusive red carpet event (was) attended by members of the dental community, social media figures and a special guest’ whose name I will reveal shortly.  This event also invited the winner of Colgate Sensitive’s Ramazan campaign.

Not having much background information about the campaign or the event, I still decided to attend it. It was at PC (how bad could it be) and another friend was to accompany me. I take a moment to thank him for that.

Quickly ushered in, I was taken to a table dedicated entirely to social media bloggers. On that table sat four very awkward bloggers who looked very disappointed seeing me there. Well I happen to be a blogger too, deal with it, I mentally told them and took my place. (Yes, my name was written on it!)


So the event started or so I thought. It was time for Magrib and we were all told to make our way to the buffet table to prepare ourselves for iftar. And prepare ourselves we did. Dinner followed iftar and a confused me hoped the program won’t drag on long after. The fish and prawn tempura were delectable, the rice with dry fruits in it didn’t really interest me much, so my wandering eye floated towards the dessert table instead. Had some chocolate mousse.

Then finally the polite lady who had so kindly ushered me in (and told me she liked my blog) took the stage.  She talked about the importance of dental hygiene and how the newly launched colgate sensitive is good not only for the teeth but gums.

She then invited the chief guest, who happened to be this guy


And well, like that the evening ended. Clearly not used to such abrupt an ending, I took my gift hamper (toothbrushes and toothpastes) and made my way to the exit.

On the positive, colgate sensitive is actually good.

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