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Combating the fears of Joblessness.

So one of the worse things for a human to experience, is joblessness. Especially if you happen to be a woman. Apart from the horror of never again being able to afford the things you love, there are the usual ‘what would the world say’ type questions to cross your mind. Therefore I decided to make a list of all the things one might encounter after being jobless, that finally push a sane adult over the edge, (as if that alone wasn’t trauma enough). Oh those sweet sweet shoes in the display, just staring at you, mocking you for not being able to give them a safe home in your closet.

The moment of truth:

  • The realization of not having any particular talent. What was it that you were doing for so long? Once you sit down to list your achievements and duties on paper, you honestly cannot think of one reason why anyone would want to rehire you.
  • The realization of not having anywhere to go. You wake up every morning. Have a hearty breakfast. Breathe in the fresh air. Thank the Lord for all His blessings. And you are done for the day. You glance over the clock only to find out it has just been an hour since you woke up. What ever will you do all day?
  • The realization of having to pitch in with the household chores. When you come home from work, no matter how not tired you are, you can get away with being as lazy as a grasshopper (I am assuming they don’t do much). But since you are now home all day, you are expected to clean your wormhole of a room (like that was even possible), help cook dishes you never thought you can digest, maybe rearrange the bookshelf you were planning to for a year.
  • The realization that there isn’t much else going on for you. You grow up having books as friends (sad, I know, at least they tell don’t you what’s wrong with them, when you are doing the same).  Most of your life is spent living in an imaginary world (yes, it’s bug free and your house is made of chocolate). But once you start working, you instantly find a new zeal for life that somehow keeps you connected to the world. Take that out of the equation and you find just how tiny your bubble really is. (And those extra kilos you gained being connected to the world don’t help one bit).
  • The realization that you have nothing to complain about. No more grumbling over it being a Monday. No more worrying about work undone. No more waiting to finally hit the sack once home. What good is life without complaining.
  • The realization that you still have relatives. Now that you have so much time on your hands, you are expected to attend every family gathering there is, and that inevitably leads to questions like ‘What are you doing nowadays?’ ‘I am taking time out to discover myself’ you reply, hoping to confuse them. But yes they are persistent. Defeated you tell them the truth, giving them opportunity to ask their favourite question, ‘Why aren’t you getting married?’

Yes, that indeed is the final straw. If that doesn’t do it for a person I don’t know what will. Let’s take a moment to join hands in a silent prayer for all those who are currently looking for a job, praying they find a good one soon and never have to live through these moments ever.

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  1. Thank you for such a thoughtful  write up,  can u write on Pakistani Bureaucrats , their  working style , there decision making style, there summaries to their Boss , at what time they come to office, then after telephones to there friends and families  etc etc. They are the real culprits who rule the country and spoiling its total  resources . Syed Gardezi

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