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Bookworm Diaries – Part 1

Ever had this fantasy where you are completely surrounded by books? Every corner you turn, each direction you face, there are piles and piles of books, beckoning out to you ‘Buy us’ ‘Take us home’. No? Emm me neither, because in mine, I don’t have to buy any!

The real world has a slight different take on this fantasy for us geeks. It’s called Karachi Book Fair. Yep. A 5 day event in which every book seller in the city sets up a stall in one place, hoping to find hapless souls like yours truly to get rid of as much of  their stock as they can.


If like me you too spend most of your pay check on books, you might understand the rest of the blog. If not, you can stop reading (go look up cat videos instead).

Like an excited little puppy, happy to see a stick, I could barely contain my glee once the book fair started. Getting an opportunity to pay a visit, I jumped at it, only to realize all the money I had was plastic.

I could see so many of the books, I knew my bookshelves would welcome with open arms. I would pile them up in my warm embrace and ask at the counter ‘Do you accept cards?’ ‘NO!’ came back the reply, shattering my heart in a hundred little pieces.

Contemplating my next move, I wandered around like a lost soul, trying to shut out the cries of books begging me to rescue them (aren’t I dramatic?) until I saw something that restored my faith in humanity.


A book stall accepting cards. Yes, it was Liberty Books. While the prices there were slightly steeper than the surrounding stalls, the fact that I could actually buy books made me ecstatic. I found some great titles instantly, headed on to their cheaper section, picked a few more, and within minutes had forgotten all my troubles.


Liberty books now also accept credit cards for online shopping. See a book you know you have to own, just log onto their website add the item to cart and choose your payment options. While there is the easy cash on delivery option, you can also pay online, a far better option if you decide to buy books for somebody as present and get them delivered.

A cashless day gets you these many!
A cashless day gets you these many!

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