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Delivery Chacha takes over Karachi



Last year when my parents were out of the country, my older sister, along with her kids took over my otherwise peaceful household. She would call me at work almost every hour asking me to bring home some groceries on my way back. Her requests ranged from mattar (peas) to rotis.

Now a useless slob like me who has been spoilt rotten has no idea how to go about buying these things and I would only hang my head in shame when I stopped by the sabzi ka thela only to give a blank stare to the emm thela-keeper when asked how much sabzi i wanted. Two adults and three kids, how much mattar can we consume? So you see I suck at maths too. Defeated I would ask him to give me enough to last a week.

Now if only there was a way to avoid this painful experience (there wasn’t). Sure we had a driver, but while I was at work, my sister took care of the house and children, she couldn’t go mattar shopping. And you really cannot order some online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Or you couldn’t back then.

Fast forward a year and in steps Delivery Chacha.

Has online shopping changed your life? Do you spend most of your pay cheque buying things over the internet? Well then continue reading. With almost everything available online life has become so much easier. And yes I said almost. There are still certain limitations you face when buying stuff online. Some times the things you want aren’t available online, or just take too long to reach. Here is when you call Delivery Chacha.

This newly introduced delivery system aims to efficiently deliver anything and everything anywhere in Karachi. And again I do mean anything and everything.

Let’s say you are hungry for emm pizza and decide to order. You pick up the phone to place an order, only for the people on the other end to tell you they don’t deliver in your area. Been there? I sure have. So then you call somewhere else, and they do deliver to your gareeb khana (pun intended) but hello, they charge you 300 bucks extra to pay you a visit.

After a brief chat with one of the masterminds behind this venture, I learnt that people in Karachi just love to shop. The Chacha received a number of different orders, ranging from food (why the hell not) to car accessories and of course groceries (a little too late I tell ya!)

The working is simple, call them on the number provided, place an order and have your item delivered to you. I was told that orders usually take 45 to 90 minutes of it being placed depending upon the location. With online businesses making you wait like a week to deliver, I say this is awesome.

I have yet to try them out myself and try them out I will. Will post another detailed review about the service and whether or not Chacha ji lives up to his expectations. Till then you check out their cool Facebook page, or if you have tried them already tell me how your experience was.


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