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Koel Cafe – A cozy little Sunday Lunch

Blessed by the fatness fairy are you? You my dear are my new best friend. Read along as I take you on an adventure that will leave you feeling much better about yourself when you are through. (I do tend to exaggerate, but just go along once).

So I too have been a favourite of the fatness fairy. She has been visiting me ever since I was a child, left me for a bit during college, then bam she found me again, only to stick around forever. And I have been tirelessly trying to shake her off (like seriously).

Long story short, I have been on a quest to lose some weight. The world is full of people starving, why should I have all the fat (Why God why?). Therefore sadly I have given up on food (THUNDER STRIKE). 6 days of the week, I find solace in low calorie food, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sunday, my cheat day where I can greedily partake in as much gluttony as possible (only to feel very guilty later).

Grilled Chicken & Jalapeno
Grilled Chicken & Jalapeno

Last Sunday I chose to cash in my cheat meal at Koel Cafe. Their Facebook page had been tempting me with some delicious pictures of pizzas newly added to their menu. Looking forward to a cheerful (read lazy) afternoon, I headed to Koel, with the aforementioned Pizzas on my mind. The new flavours offered to me were Margarita, Grilled Chicken & Jalapeno and Smoked Chicken & Pesto. We (yes, I didn’t go alone) ordered the Smoked Chicken & Pesto and Grilled Chicken and Jalapeno pizzas. To my utter delight the thin crust Smoked Chicken & Pesto pizza was just the thing I needed to cheer up my digestive tract after a weeklong torture. Creamy, with lots of fresh basil toppings, I helped myself to two generous slices. I really wanted to try the Jalapeno one too, but man had stuffed my face with the smoked chicken one already.

Smoked Chicken & Pesto
Smoked Chicken & Pesto

Got to try a very refreshing Tamarind drink with it too, heaven for a sunny day.


The best part about the adventure? I didn’t even hate myself afterwards! If you haven’t already tried out their pizzas, I suggest you head there on your next cheat day (or whenever you feel like). You certainly won’t be disappointed. Oh I stopped by for some icecream on the way back too! Yay for cheat days! Bye for now. Toodles!


About Koel Café

Koel Cafe, located in the popular neighborhood of Block 4 Clifton, is an upscale cafe which brings forth its simplistic, yet refined concept from Koel’s basic philosophy of ‘simplicity and tradition’. The unique and innovative cafe is a favorite among Karachi’s tasteful and discerning clientele. The Cafe offers a flavorful continental menu along with creative, locally inspired recipes. Two seating areas are available; the indoor dining area and the popular outdoor patio which can be thoroughly enjoyed on Karachi’s cool summer nights.

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