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Order Online, Pay Online with Foodpanda!


Ever tried ordering food late at night, only to find flies flying out of your wallet? Yeah, happens to all of us. You no longer have to tear apart the kitchen hoping to magically find a bag of chips. If you haven’t maxed out your credit card limit, you should be good. The leading online food order service in Pakistan, Foodpanda has now activated online payment option for its restaurant partners to become first digital food ordering platform to use online mode of payment. foodpanda customers now have a choice to complete their order process with payment via credit cards instead of cash-on-delivery. For debit card holders, this option is valid for VISA compliant cards. The online payment option can be used on both the website and online app. 

Anyone choosing to pay via online should provide complete delivery location address and credit card number. For registered customers, only details of their credit card will be required. For more details visit their facebook page

I have yet to try this option, though I am sure it will come in very handy, especially when the parents are out and about town and have  conveniently locked away all their cash, to loan to their poor daughter. Try it out for yourself and do share your experiences!

More later. Ciao!


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