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Tapal Green Tea – Refreshing sip of awesomeness!

Anybody on a tough journey to weight loss knows the true worth of green tea. Not only does green tea speed up your metabolism, it contains antioxidants that are very good for your skin. (For me just the thought that I am indulging in something good for me is enough).

In Pakistan you can find a variety of green teas, we are nation of tea drinkers after all. But the name that stands out in the sea is Tapal. Known for its wide variety of flavors, the green tea from Tapal is a clear winner for me.

Recently Tapal Green Tea revamped its look and made it more refreshing.

You can choose from four exciting flavors, Jasmine, Lemon, Elaichi & Morrocan, or if you have a hard time deciding like me, go for the selection pack which includes all four. Personally my favorites are mint and jasmine.

The new packaging was unveiled last week on 9th September at South End Club along with Zoe Viccaji’s album Launch ‘Dareechay’.

Tapal Green Tea launched its new packaging at Zoe Viccaji’s “Dareechay” Album Launch at Southend Club on 9th Sept’14.

The new packaging has been designed by Soho Square.

PR for event was handled by Digital Tribe.

The awesome goody bag i received!



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