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Foodpanda Great Fast Food Festival



I love me a good bargain. And that is exactly what I found on Foodpanda today! So I brought a very orphan looking vegetable soup for lunch today with a strong intention of sticking to my low calorie foods on weekday diet. But when the fellow coworkers saw different discounts being offered on Foodpanda, ofcourse they all jumped at the chance. A lot of greasy, very fattening food was being ordered. Right before my eyes. My poor heart shattered into a gazillion piece. The brain then said, ok maybe not the greasy food, you can at least get a healthy sub from Subway! (it didn’t take much convincing).

Ok more about the discount offer. Foodpanda is giving foodies across Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad a reason to celebrate. The Great Food Festival as it is being called, offers all its customers fantastic discounts on a number of different eatries. The offer valid for Tuesday October 14th from 10am to midnight. So if you were thinking about ordering something, now is the perfect time to do it, from Foodpanda!

Log on right away to order delicious food from your favorite restaurants at great prices!

For more information visit their facebook page:

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