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Barista Lavazza – Now open in Karachi!


So coffee lovers across K-Town (yes, it sounded just as terrible in my brain too) rejoiced upon hearing that Barista Lavazza Cafe has now opened its doors to all in Dolmen Mall Clifton.

The Italian chain of Espresso bars promises to provide a warm and comfy environment to all coffee drinkers who wish to fill up on caffeine in peace away from the noisiness that Karachi is synonymous with.

I had a Latte, though a bit milky for my taste (I like my coffee black) it was actually quite good. Nit picky as I am, that is saying something.


From the numerous amuse-bouches being offered, from teeny burgers to cheesy pizzas, I opted for a smoked salmon tid bit and some tender chicken chickens (yes my life is sad). Oh and for dessert I spooned (giggles) one friend’s Cheesecake (which was ok) another friend’s Chocolate Fudge Cake (which was hmm), and yet a third friend’s Dark Chocolate Flourless cake which was the best of the lot!


Barista is owned by Lavazza, Italy’s largest coffee company. Besides Pakistan, Barista Lavazza also has cafes in locations across India,Sri Lanka, Oman and the UAE.

For more details, visit their Facebook page:

The event was organised by (Anisa & Amina R Khan ) of RAKA and the event PR by Golin & Harris

Pictures Courtesy Aysha Saleem 


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