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The Zabardast Desi Food Festival!


Hear that joke where an American spends a day eating all the desi Pakistani food he can find, only to realize why we use water instead of tissue paper in the loo?

Yes, we Pakistanis love our desi food, with so much oil, Obama considers invading, and so spicy that tissues could be set to fire. Well what is food, if not a little daring?

So let’s celebrate a day where we can stuff ourselves with all our favorite desi food and that too at a great discount. brings you the Zabardast Desi Food Festival, all day today.

The deal is available in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, while some of the restaurants offering a discount from Karachi include:

Some of the restaurants participating from Karachi are:

Meerath Kabab House

Biryani Express

Nida Fast Food

Nihari Darbar


Chapli Kebab House

So you have an option to try out the famous Chapli Kebabs from Chapli Kebab House, or the ‘hygienic’ Bun Kebabs from Bholu. Then again there is always room for biryani, and no one I know has ever said no to a good serving of kebab paratha! We love our meat don’t we?

So order your favorite food for lunch and dinner! Be warned, discounts like these usually cause a surge of orders, so place yours much in advance and you are in for a treat!

For more details, please log on to 

Bon Appétit

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