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Johnny Rockets – Where the good times roll!

How many of you have indulged in your favourite fast food, only to hate yourself the minute after you have taken your last bite? Just me perhaps. I do have a love hate relationship with food. So when I was recently invited to attend a bloggers meetup at Johnny Rockets, you can imagine my dilemma. Sure I would get to meet wonderful bloggers, and yes there will be food, and oh God there will be food.

The American franchise opened its doors to a very excited crowd last year and since then I have heard mostly good things about it. Their shakes for instance are said to be a meal in their own right.


I entered the fast food joint and the thing that hit me first, was the causal decor. It’s the place you would want to visit with a group of friends and not worry about dropping sauce all over your clothes. (Yes I worry about that too). The hip and cool interior takes after the all American Rock’n Roll theme the diner has tried to maintain everywhere in the world.

PicMonkey  johnny

Another surprise awaited me as I took my seat next to other bloggers. The burgers being served were not your average deep fried, artery clogging, adipose tissue increasing abnormalities! They were the healthier cousin of the above said abnormalities with 20% fat and 80% lean meat! I was assured the juicy burger sitting in front of me was not deep fried but grilled, without oil, thereby allowed to cook in its own fat. This huge monstrosity in front of me was lower in calories and retained much of its essential nutrients! Neat right?

The fries and the onion rings however are another story. I tasted my first French fry in six months. Instantly hated myself for loving it so much. Same thing happened with the onion rings. And then there were the shakes. The shakes come in two serving sizes, medium and large. Be warned the medium in itself is larger than anything you can possibly consume in a single setting.

From the three flavours of shakes served, I tried the Chocolate oreo (not to good with names. It was dark and had oreos in it) and yep, once more hated myself some more. The shakes are very filling, so consuming them before having your burger is a stupid thing to do (note to self).

To cleanse my palate, I ordered the Pink Grapefruit drink with 7up. A highly refreshing drink that’s perfect for a hot summery evening. The burger I ordered was medium sized Houston Burger but boy was it anything but. A fat patty sat in between two fresh buns (he he)and out dripped some pinkish colored sauce. So again while Johnny Rockets is not a place to worry about dripping sauces, I still tried hard to minimize the messy eating situation. The taste was slightly tangy for me, but the patty however was just the way I liked it.

By the time desserts were being served I was so stuffed I feared I would have to rolled out of the joint, so I politely declined( yes, I hate myself for that too).

Johnny Rockets has recently started serving breakfast. So if you leave home in a hurry one day, I would suggest you stop by and try their pancakes!

My ratings:

The burger: 3/5

The shake: 4/5

Dessert: some other day perhaps.

The event was organized by Pitch Media Inc.SONY DSC

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