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Calling all Pizza Lovers!

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The world is a very unkind place indeed. With inventions like guns and the upside down round whatchamacallit torture devices, but even worse, pizzas and burgers and ice-creams, that for people with metabolism rate equivalent to erosion of the mountains, are nothing short of death sentences.

But since Pizza almost never asks silly questions, and happens to be there whenever you need (him? her? it?) there is no way you will ever be disappointed after a session of stuffing your face with an entire box of cheesy deliciousness.


So stop what you are doing (except reading this of course!) and head over to where you can buy pizzas from over 100 outlets at a fantastic 50% discount, only today of course.

For a city with no tolerance for anything that’s green (it’s not easy being green, people come on!) we sure love our pizzas. Every corner you turn you find four different pizza parlours, all offering ‘the largest’ or ‘the tastiest’ ‘the one for health conscious (yes!)’ and more kinds with big big billboards of tempting pictures of pizzas all stolen from the internet.

And now the round disk of pure love is just a click away. Pick your favorite pizzeria and order away. You can try pizzas from 100s of different outlets in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. I don’t know about the other two cities but in Karachi there is always (my favorite) Domino’s you can have, or if you can prefer 14th Street (only for massive hunger emergencies) and then of course there is Broadway (still haven’t tried tsk tsk) and more.

For a person, trying to lose weight, I sure know my pizzas. I know that Spizzico Pizzeria boasts of making the largest pizza in Pakistan (a whooping 24 inches) and maybe today is just the day to try some. Then there is a place called Pizza University which tells you to ‘Educate yourself to an A Grade pizza’ (totally not making this up).  And ofcourse there is one called Largess Pizza, (maybe because largest was taken).

For the full list you can click:

Fair warning: Food festivals like these usually result in a mad flow of orders. So place yours well before your stomach’s growls begin to sound like Godzilla in a boxing matching with Tyrannosaurus rex.

Much love! Ciao!

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