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Chocolate Brownie Day – A Day For Brownie Lovers

How often does a Monday come with consolation prize? Once. That ‘once in a lifetime’ moment might just have arrived to save someone a great deal of blues and what follows next! Today, people in America are joyfully celebrating the warm and dark squares of pure pleasure sometimes served with a heavenly vanilla scoop. National Chocolate Brownie day is celebrated on December 8, every year and sprawls across the globe to celebrate eating brownies.
In Pakistan, at least five orders from the leading online food ordering are made for brownies on a daily basis.Chocolate brownies are underrated because not all large scale eateries offer them on their dessert menu. They are very simple to make and even simpler to order online. While we can’t put our finger on one reason to love them, some facts should help add knowledge to our liking for this homely confection.

Facts about Brownies

1. Brownies were introduced during 19th century.
2. Brownie is a cross between cake and cookie hence, cakey and fudgy.
3. Brownies are categorized as cookies and cake both; because they are eaten with hands like a cookie and with fork like a cake.
4. Brownie was a cooking mishap; the baker tried baking a cake without baking powder.
5. Addition of chocolate in brownie was not instantly made. The first form of brownie was made with brown sugar only.
6. There are three different days dedicated to celebrate brownies: Blonde Brownie Day, Cream Cheese Brownie Day and Butterscotch Brownie Day.

Variants of Brownies
In Pakistan, the most popular form of brownie is chocolate fudge brownie eaten with vanilla ice-cream. There are various forms of brownies eaten all over the world. Here are some delicious pictures for the sore eye:

1. White Chocolate Brownie

2. Coconut Macaroon Brownie

3 German Chocolate Brownie

4. Peanut butter Brownie

5. Salted Caramel Brownie

6. Cookies and Cream Brownies

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