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Breakfast at Cosmopolitan

So I know I have been MIA for some time now and I also know you don’t really care. But the review I am about to share with you, ought to make up for the time lost.

So every Saturday evening you promise to make the most of your weekend. You tell yourself you will stay up late to watch both the movies you have been planning to for a while now, or catch up on your favourite shows, and then wake up early to try out breakfast at some new cafe. However plans are meant to be spoilt. The minute you make one, you feel the beginning of the worst migraine in history, only to sleep before 10 (yeesh) and then wake up after 1(boo) on Sunday to eat whatever mom puts in front of you.

Yeah that’s my average weekend. But last week I was blessed with an above average one, and so I happened to stop by the well talked about new cafe Cosmopolitan for breakfast.


The menu set for that fine morning boasted of famous dishes from around the world. If you ever wondered what your Parisian or Spanish counterpart wakes up to every morning, here’s your answer! Items such as The Spaniard, The Parisian, The New Yorker and Normandy were just some of the choices.

I opted for The New Yorker, (because why not), and French Toast (because why the heck not??) My friend ordered Normandy and the Ferrero Rocher Pancakes.

While the food was being prepared, I took a quick look around. Cosmopolitan is a cozy little cafe where you can hang out any day of the week. Whether your company involves a party or rowdy, overbearing people or an interesting little book, I am sure the very comfy decor will make you feel right at home.

IMG_0202 IMG_0201 IMG_0199

Back to the food. Sigh. The New Yorker was a combination of Steak and Fried Eggs, sausages and Potato Hash. The steaks were well done, just the way I asked them to be and were well seasoned. Now I have watched enough MasterChef to be fully aware of how the yolks of fried eggs are supposed to break open and well, inundate the steaks (eep). The yolks on my plate were definitely a bit overdone which in my case was a good thing because the last thing I want is yolk all over my food. Them being overdone let me eat the whites around them with ease and just leave the yellow part (because yikes .. yolk breath!) The dollops of sauce provided a good balance to the dish overall. However the Potato Hash accompanying the steak and eggs really needed more time in the pan and some less oil. They left a greasy raw after taste in my mouth which is of course a big no no.


Once done with the savouries, I quietly waited for the sweets. While the Ferrero Rocher pancakes were brought about fairly quickly, I had to wait quite some time for my French Toast. So I took this time to indulge in those pancakes, which to be honest were the highlight of the entire breakfast menu. Light and fluffy pancakes, fully fully drenched in thick, creamy chocolate, straight out of every girl’s chocolate fantasy. Even though I had not ordered them, I could not resist stuffing my face with numerous bites, until the person who had ordered them, began giving me those polite ‘lay off woman’ looks.

Picture courtesy Farwa B Naqvi (Cause look at it!)
Picture courtesy Farwa B Naqvi (Cause look at it!)

And finally after forever I was served with the French Toast. Wow what a letdown. A spongy tough piece of bread sitting atop some fairly tasteless Vanilla Creme Anglaise with some equally bland whipped cream. I for one am not too fond of overly sweet desserts, but this particular dish made me wish I had ordered something else. Two bites in, I begged everyone sitting with me to try it out (never a good sign).


While my experience was lukewarm at best, I was promised a much extensive breakfast menu (with pepperoni and mushroom omelettes among them) by the very gracious owner that will be launched very soon, so I am definitely going back again.

IMG_0208 IMG_0209

At the Karachi Eat Festival, I stopped by Cosmopolitan stall and got some chicken strips for my sister’s kids I brought with me and chicken and mushroom crepes for myself. Long story short, we loved both items, so there’s one more reason to definitely go back to try more things.
All in all, Cosmopolitan Cafe is a must try.


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