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My 13 day diet – entry 1

I realized that my last three blogs have all been food reviews. Yes, it is as bad as it looks. I have been pigging out. A lot. So after much thought, and looking in the mirror, and the weighing machine screaming at me I came to the conclusion that I need to go on a serious diet. While I keep telling myself I’ll start soon enough, it’s high time I really do! Therefore tomorrow is the lucky day. I am turning to my blog for some support, in case I need a place to starve out my nasty food thoughts. So bear with me and … well bear with me!



This is probably going to be a full series of blog posts where I write an entry every time I feel myself slipping. So feel free to read along, share your experiences and send in some love (pretty please) to make sure I do not fall off the immensely fat horse I have climbed atop.

The diet consists of a full meal plan, telling me what to eat when. It has been generous enough to allow me the use of spices and sauces (like I will ever use those nasty concoctions full of sugar) but no oil, not even olive. Sigh, God help the wrinkles.


Whatever happens I am starting off on a high note. And I also have you guys for support ( I think).

When trying to gulp down and keeping down my sad looking food, I’ll think about the poor starving children of Africa. They don’t even get to eat spinach and boiled eggs…. so lucky me -_-


Here’s to a thinner 10 pounds lighter after two weeks me! Bon Voyage!


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