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My 13 day diet – entry 2

10;00 am: so far so good. All the calorie laden food I had yesterday is still in my system, so I feel surprisingly happy. I am allowed as much black coffee (thank God) as I like for breakfast today and so have already downed one cup, waiting for the coffee fairy to bless me with another cup. I am trying throw myself at work, also trying not to think about my gareeb lunch of spinach and eggs that I must force myself to swallow later. Lord give me strength. Will update after lunch.


2: 30 pm: Not a complete disaster. Even though the ladies I lunch with were indulging in good old biryani (I know right, knock a soldier when he’s down). And the cherry on the cake was …. yes a cake! We celebrated the birthday of a coworker with a fudgey coffee cheesecake no less. You see what I have to deal with… Anyhoo, I am still not planning to go on a murderous rampage. Nor do I want to curl up and bury myself under the earth. More after dinner!

Things I tell myself.
Things I tell myself.


9:30 pm: So I came home pretty tired after work and instantly fell into a deep deep sleep. The day had been very trying and hard, testing my patience at every step. A co worker celebrated his one year anniversary and so got everyone ice cream as a treat! (I know right a birthday and an anniversary on the same day. Life couldn’t get more perfect -_-). So anyway my dinner consisted of grilled chicken kebabs and honestly they weren’t so bad. I can be a pretty good cook if I want to be.

Already looking forward to day 2! Bring it on baby!!!

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