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My 13 day diet – entry 3

9:30 am; So I woke up to the news that the condition in the city was not too favorable to go to work. Yes, it happens more often that you would think. So I rejoiced a little and went back to sleep for half an hour. at 10, I finally got up, more for the breakfast I was promised by the meal plan than anything else. I could chomp down as many slices of wheat/multigrain bread as I wanted along with coffee and some margarine. It’s like being in a candyshop where wheat is the new sugar (so sad my life has become). Anyway I had two slices of this gorgeous multigrain bread that I bought from a nearby bakery. It really made up the getting out of bed worthwhile. Now, I sit back and wait for it to be lunch time. Yum Yum Yum!

photo (1)
Breakfast with myself!

 4;30 pm: When you spend an entire day at home, by law you must spend it all my destroying whatever you can find in the kitchen (yes, I mean food). So imagine the pain this particular strike day caused me. One hour after breakfast, I was hungry again (That’s a new personal record btw). I shut myself in my room with some green tea and watched the latest episode of Brooklyn 99. By 2pm I decided it was safe for me to have lunch. My lunch plan today allowed me some protein along with a green salad (cucumber and lettuce it said) Lettuce I didn’t have. So i steamed some green beans and spinach along with a few cabbage leaves. The protein for me for minced chicken grinded with some green chillies, an onion and a few cloves of garlic (if they can ward of a vampire, maybe they can help me too).

Questions I ask myself.
Questions I ask myself.

9;00 pm: Two whole days of dieting and I am still not thin yet ( I know I am as surprised as you all). My relatives (the ones I actually like) showed up around dinner today. Mom made chicken karhai. It took every atom within to keep myself from sampling some. Dinner again was more chicken and only chicken so I grilled some kebabs again. Since no oil is to be used, it is wise to use a nonstick, otherwise the goop will become something even your cat won’t eat.

So ready for day 3!

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