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My 13 day diet – entry 4

11;00 am: Couldn’t sleep well last night, so woke up extremely groggy. Had to rush to work too, so to stay awake, had two cups of coffee at home, and 2 pieces of toast. Came to work, and God bless him, the kitchen guy gave me yet one more cup. I could be jumping up and down right now, but my lazy cells outweigh the caffeine molecules. I am just waiting for this caffeine high to crash, we all know that’s going to happen very soon, and oh boy it’s not going to end well.


It's a wonder what things three cups of dark roasted coffee will make think about..
It’s a wonder what things three cups of dark roasted coffee will make think about..

3:50 pm: My lunch today consists of a cup of green beans and tomatoes with two boiled eggs. So surprise surprise I don’t feel very hungry today (That’s a first in a very long time). Adding to the coffee is 3 glasses of water (didn’t I mention I need to have a minimum of 8 glasses everyday) and the office guy just gave me some green tea. So I can feel waves ebbing and flowing inside me every time I move. Not a very pleasant visual I know. Bear with me. I have until 6 to finish my poor lunch. God give me strength. More later.


The struggle is too real.
The struggle is too real.

5: 20 pm: So forced myself to devour one the unborn, boiled and peeled.. eggs (don’t get any ideas I am not at the murderous stage yet, it has only been 3 days…. sob). The green beans weren’t so bad. I think i have grown rather fond on them. Steam em’ up for a few minutes and sprinkle on some salt and paprika and they don’t taste half as bad as I expected. I have already decided what I will have for dinner later tonight. Yay me!

8: 40 pm: I am allowed chicken and a green salad, so I boiled a few pieces and shred it, tossed in some spinach, cabbage and some more green beans. The green beans were a bad idea. Too much in the same day made me grow weary of them already, just as I was starting to like the damn things. The caffeine crash is yet to kick in, maybe I’ll sleep and avoid the fiasco altogether. Let’s hope I dream of Pizza!

So ready for Day 4!

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