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My 13 day diet – entry 5

10;30 am: So I dreamt of Snickers chocolate last night. Wasn’t a pizza sure, but close enough. And yes, it was a dream. I dreamt I was carefully devouring a big bar of snickers and half (maybe more than half) way through it I realized I was on a diet and couldn’t eat anything other than what the plan told me. I told myself, well, even a Roza (fast) is valid if you eat or drink something accidentally, the diet will be too and went on munching. Yes, it was a dream thank God. My poor woman’s breakfast consisted of two multigrained toasts and my old friend… black coffee.

If only life was that simple!
If only life was that simple!

2: 45 pm: So lunch today is something I have been looking forward to ummm all four days of the diet. Carrots and cottage cheese! You read that right. I was allowed half a block of low fat cottage cheese, which I grilled a little on a non stick pan and steamed the carrot. It was filling. You know what my co-workers had? Pizza! from Dominoes, which was on a 50% discount from My life gets sadder and sadder. Oh and one co-worker gave the treat, of the said pizza. It was pepperoni! Excuse me while I go curse someone! More on dinner later.

  10:30pm; Dinner got a little late. The plan politely asked me to consume some fruit and yogurt. While I had fruits no yogurt was to be found. I suggested mum to make some with fresh milk and she looked at me like I had gone mad already. Dad came to the rescue and brought me some, from which I took 2 tablespoons (yeah dad gave me that look too). I was allowed half a cup but eep who can eat that much plain yogurt. So I chopped an apple and an orange, sprinkled on some salt and pepper and poured my two tablespoons of plain yogurt. The meal wasn’t as bad as it sounds. It was like having flavoured yogurt without the tons of sugar and you know the taste.

Aaaah so ready for day 5.

8 thoughts on “My 13 day diet – entry 5 Leave a comment

    • Haha, it’s more about discipline than anything else really. I fell off my weight loss wagon and began eating everything I saw. Had no control left. This diet is teaching me that. Let hope i stick to it.

      • All the best:). Most of my friends do the GM diet, they say it works. Although they feel about the inches lost but ignore the fact that their nails have turned brittle, got puffy eyes and suffer from hair loss. such diets are always a fad..m sure u must have heard bout it…

      • Oh yeah, I even tried it once, but its a no protein diet and does a lot of damage to your hair and leaves you without strength. This one however has a full meal plan which tells you have a lot of protein. Only through this diet have I managed to hit my daily protein requirement.

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