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My 13 day diet – entry 6

11;00 am: So yeah I did not put up an entry of day 5. That doesn’t mean I have fallen off the horse. It simply means the effects of the diet are kicking in, namely mood swings and  the urge to pull out my hair and burst into tears (hormones suck!) Oh you guys I lost some weight!! And no it wasn’t my mother who told me so, it was my weighing machine set on the correct reading in case you were wondering. Yesterday was an ok day! A relative came to visit and brought over baklavas damn him! It took everything in me to stop myself from looking at those delicious pieces of absolute crap (I thought if I look down upon them, I wouldn’t want them so much).

photo (2)
Relatives were born in hell, and that is where they shall return!

Breakfast yesterday was a piece of carrot and coffee. While today I was allowed toast too. Just stuffed my face with some. Feeling kinda whoozy today, light headed and bumped thrice into nearby objects. Since i have been through this hell before, I know the above mentioned symptoms would hit soon enough, however last time they hit around day 7, this time they are early. Oh well. 6 down and emmm wait I forgot how to count … oh yeah 7 left. God help me. More later.

6:00 pm: lunch yesterday was some grilled chicken and tomatoes. As it turns out, I was out of tomatoes, so I asked a co-worker to bring me one. Not one of my proudest moments. Touch, it was more grilled chicken. I am beginning to crave things I never ate before when they were put in front of me, like stew and other kinds of hotch potch mum makes. What do I do to kill those cravings? I smell and sniff. I go to my mother when she’s eating and take a big whiff of her plate. By this point she has given up all hope for me. The dizzy spells continue. Though I am not sure why. It’s not like I am starving. I am just eating healthy… sigh. Dinner will be carrots and boiled eggs and I am certainly not looking forward to that. At least I am closing in on the end date. Promised myself a big juicy burger once this is over. I am extremely proud of coming this far without cheating once so  yay me!!

10:00 pm: So the carrot and eggs were just as terrible as they sounded. I don’t know why i got the wise idea to shred the carrot and egg whites and mix them.,, I should have just eaten them one at a time and be done with it. But no, I had to be all civilised about it. Shredded both then mixed, added salt and pepper. Took one bite and realized I put in too much salt, so I poured water and strained the emmm goop. Took another bite.. awful. Put in some more salt and pepper and a few drops of soya sauce. Then started watching an episode of Marco Polo, hoping the show would distract me from the … sadness I was putting in my mouth. It did. Now I am relaxing with a big cup of green Tea!

One full week tomorrow!!!

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