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My 13 day diet – entry 7

12;00 pm: Yes, I know I was MIA for two days. And no, I did not give up. I have come to realize this journal has started resembling a post apocalyptic diary where I note down the days that I have survived, before I eat my own brains. These last two days I have been questioning why I started this journey willingly. The person I was dieting with, backed out too and the urge to have a chocolate chip has been filling my mind with blasphemous thoughts.

Too high.
Too high.

Anyhoo, day 7 allowed me no coffee even, and therefore I spent the day, lying in wait to bite someone’s head off. Fortunately nobody gave me the opportunity and by lunch I had an apple which sort of calmed me down. Dinner for day 7 told me I could have anything … with a catch. Anything meant from the diet plan. Those cookies have to wait sigh. So I made spinach puree and grilled some cottage cheese. Yep made my own low fat oil free version of Palak Paneer. And man was it good. I sensed true happiness in a very long time. So today is Day 9. I had a very strong moment of weakness last night when my brother ordered a burger and fries.. but thankfully I was able to pass through it unhinged.

My lunch today is baked beef kebabs and green salad which is a cucumber and green beans. And yes, I perfectly managed to char the kebabs, as I left them in the oven for too long and forgot about them until I smelt the burn. I keep telling myself they aren’t burned but crispy, a tactic my dad uses on me, when he cooks me breakfast and manages to burn both the toast and the omelette. And it works. Everytime. And since it is day 9 I’ll shut up and eat every bite. 4 more days to go! More later.

10:00 pm: Well lunch wasn’t bad. I quite enjoyed the cripsy bakef kebabs.  For dinner I made a poor man’s chicken curry with one onion, a few cloves of garlic and one green chilli as the gravy, used no oil, just water and lots of prayers that it would turn out ok. It did. I did battle a number of cravings after dinner though.  The box full of Baklavas is still lying on the dining room table. I picked it up opened it … took a big big whiff and puy it back! Honestly! There were nunerous times today when I wanted to give up. Even now I want to give up. But I have so far.. these 9 days would be for nothing then! And tomorrow is day 10!! Just three more days to go! I can’t wait for monday! See ya all tomorrow.

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