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My 13 day diet – Entry 8

11:30 am: The countdown has begun (well I was counting down from the day I started). So I have completed 11 days of this torturous diet, cheating not even once, even though temptations came from every corner. And frankly now this thing needs to be over. I am tired of letting all that delicious food down. Food that looks at me with those gorgeous colors and asks me to give it a warm comforting home in my tummy. 2 days might as well be 20! But anyway, breakfast is done. Lunch is a few hours away (cottage cheese and carrots) and the dinner and then day 11 will be over too! Till then..

If Only
If Only

4:30 pm: Lunch was good. As before I grilled the cubes of cottage cheese and steamed a carrot. The bread I have from breakfast, multigrain bread with bits of herbs is the only meal I have actually looked forward to on this diet. So far I have lost around 4000 grams. Yes, you guys can convert kgs to pounds, I will convert them to grams. That helps my case and sounds pretty impressive too. I fear my state when this diet will be over. I have already made a mental note of all the things I will eat after the diet, I just hope I don’t gain back all those 4000 grams. That is going to be worse than 4kgs!! Lord help me.


Dinner tonight will be a bowl of fruits (one apple) and yogurt. Yay me!



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