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My 13 day diet – Final Chapter

Oh my God! It’s over! The torture is finally over. I wanted to blog on the last day as well, but WordPress got banned for  day in my country. Fun. Anyway, Sunday was the 13th day of my diet and I successfully managed to pull through. Woke up Monday to a big breakfast of Halwa Puri (I don’t know how to translate that). Then yes, had a box full of chocolate chip cookies … and my evening I was all ready to throw up (and I did).

Today however, even the thought of food is making me slightly nauseous, especially things with sugar. I was looking for pictures of chocolate for work (yes, I work) and all the time I spent looking at those gooey melty chocolate images, all I could think of was Good God the sugar will kill me.

OMG, It's so rich I'm going to dieeeee!
OMG, It’s so rich I’m going to dieeeee!

So I guess that is one good thing about the diet. Not only has the diet killed off my cravings (after a box full of cookies) it makes me look at all oily, full of calories, food in absolute terror.

The main concern I now have is to keep off all the weight I lost, and yes I lost weight. Not as much as I wanted to but still enough to make me giddy and fit into my old jeans!

So this chapter of my life is done with! I will be back with reviews of food and restaurants soon enough, and hopefully will keep trying to lose weight and share the stories with you all!

Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all!!

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