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Pakistan’s first Halal Makeup!

You might have been on the receiving (even forwarding) end of that email which warned ladies of the lead content in lipsticks. Or you could be related to people who told you that young girls doing makeup ran the risk of getting ugly wrinkly skin sooner than natural. I happen to have experienced both (yes, received and forwarded) but still then I refuse to care. I am a self acclaimed makeup buff, and proudly own more lipsticks, nail polishes, glosses, blush kits etc than can be counted. And I do dish quite a hefty price for them every now and then. So tell me my lipstick is full of lead and I should throw it away, and I will give you a look that will burn you from inside out. That is my version of leading the thug life!

However for those of you ladies who do care, I have some good news. Masarrat Misbah, (an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and one of the pioneers of the hair and beauty industry of Pakistan with the Depilex Group which hosts Pakistan’s largest chain of salons, Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute) has launched a line of Pakistan’s first Halal Certified Makeup ‘Masarrat Makeup’ (MM).

Masarrat Misbah is the lady who clearly has my respect. She has done extensive work for the rehabilitation of burnt and acid attack survivors in Pakistan and continues to facilitate these wonderful women in various ways, many of whom actively work in her beauty clinics.

So when the lady introduces her line of Halal and safe makeup, you know it’s going to be something worth trying. I read articles almost everywhere stating that most lipsticks contain fish scales, or other things deemed unlawful in Islam. These products are free from any animal substances and other toxic chemicals.

A great of research went into the developing the right formula for these products and has been made keeping in mind the unique skin tone of Asian women. According to Misbah herself

“MMMakeuphas become a reality after two years of research, primarily focused on a color range best adapted for the Asian skin tone, climate and complexion, with an emphasis on textures, colors, pigments and most importantly formulations.”

At present MM Makeup is available for customers in Pakistan only and can be bought online via cash on delivery. The makeup will be available at all leading outlets in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad in June. International customers interested in the line will also be able to get their hands on MM Makeup in June 2015.

Can’t wait to try them out myself!

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  1. Your blog post on Hilal makeup is excellent and full of very important information. That’s right that some brands use animal substances in makeup which is prohibited in Islam. But I buy makeup products from a website for online shopping in Pakistan who sell makeup of those brands which mention all substances in a product description. So I can easily check the product is hilal or not.

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