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Unblock your Inner Glow with Pond’s White Beauty

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she no longer is satisfied by the reflection staring back at her from the mirror. Finding flaws with a bit of everything, her reflection does not smile at her anymore. Her hair is too rough, her skin too dull, she may have been hosting some extra weight. Whatever the excuse, she cannot feel confident about herself.

But everything can be fixed. One step at a time. Starting with the face. The skin goes through a lot every day. It starts off by being roughly scrubbed to ensure last night’s makeup is all but a memory. Next, layers after layers of fresh makeup are put on. Then comes the exposure to sun, dust and pollution. This daily routine can get too much and leaves the skin lifeless, and can be the main reason she isn’t happy with how she looks!

She has been trying to get her Inner glow back. Listening to the elderly tell her of the household concoctions they used in their youth, she’s desperate to try anything. Little does she know, the answer is in front of her all along.

Pond’s White Beauty!

Pond’s has developed a revolutionary formula known as ‘GenWhite’ professionally designed for deep absorption. The formula goes deep inside your skin reaching the innermost layers and removes dark spots and circles even others don’t. As a result your skin feels fresh, clean and gets back the glow it once had.
Pond’s White Beauty’s Genwhite formula has been created using ingredients which brings a change in three key areas

  • Fairness: the pro vitamins help to reduce dark spots and lighten the skin.
  • Softness: the unique moisturizing properties help soothe the skin, repair wear and tear and help develop new cells which keep the skin soft and supple.
  • Sun damage: The triple Sun Screen protects against harmful UV rays of the sun.

So as you are well aware by now, the she in the story above is me. Like most women, I am not happy with the way I look. My skin isn’t what it used to be (yes, I am no longer young). Every time I look in the mirror I see fine lines and dark spots (thank you day job for the sun exposure) and yes I gasp, (every time).

I only recently began using Pond’s White Beauty. I love the soft creamy texture of the face wash most, as it doesn’t feel rough. After washing, my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry, but clean, like it has finally gotten a chance to breathe. (Yes, I apply a lot of makeup and no one knows what I really look like, Lord help me if I go missing).

The critic in me won’t go so far as to say that my skin has gotten back its glow. No, the face staring back at me still bears its flaws. But they have been reduced to a point where I no longer growl at my reflection, and even manage a smile once or twice. I did feel that the face wash opened up my pores, but I guess that is the way it cleans the skin from inside.

For more info about Pond’s White Beauty visit

Sceptical? I was too. Until I attended the event organized by Ponds. In the event, bloggers were introduced to Pond’s White Beauty’s GenWhite Technology and were encourage to unblock their Inner Glow.

             Rabia Abdullah, Assistant Brand Manager, Pond’s Pakistan, highlighted, “Good skin is not just about fair complexion but also about freshness and the glow. The GenWhite technology is part of our ongoing efforts to contribute towards Pakistani women looking good, feeling good and getting the most out of their lives.”

The bloggers, many of whom had used the product before the event was hosted, shared their experiences, before and after results, and I must say, it gave me a lot to think about. Pond’s is on a journey to make women everywhere reclaim their Inner Glow and feel comfortable in your skin. Maybe this little support is all we need to once more be happy and encourage others around us to feel confident about themselves too.

So take on the Pond’s Inner Glow Challenge and pass it on to other beautiful women around you!

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