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Ramzan deals Karachi 2015

So Ramzan in Pakistan starts from tomorrow. And once again all the eateries have out done themselves trying to get the fasters (and the pretend fasters) to try out their Iftar menus. Since my last blog about the Iftar deals was much appreciated, I decided to make a new one this year, just for you (if you happen to live in Karachi that is). This list will be updated all through Ramzan. If I have missed out on a place, help a sister (ha!) out and mention it in the comments and I’ll put it up. To make things interesting, lets keep a count. How many of the places mentioned on the list will you guys visit, or at least want to?

Fika/ Fika on the roof. The first Iftar deal that I came across was from Fika. Since I have been there and tried out the food, I must say I am really looking forward to their iftar menu. Also keeping up with the spirit of Ramzan, Fika will be donating Rs. 100/- from every bill to Edhi Foundation.

Verdict: Definitely try!


Lals Patisserie (update)

So I have always had a good experience at Lals. Their desserts are divine, and the quiche I had recently is something I have been craving a lot. For Ramzan, Lals is offering two special menus, one for their Shahbaz outlet and the other one in Dolmen. And to be very honest, the menus look very tempting! I am definitely going to Lals!

Review: So I stopped by Lals on Saturday for Iftaar. All you foodies looking for a break from the usual samosa pakoras should definitely check it out. The iftaar platter has a generous serving of freshly baked croissants, and pita bread, margherita pizza, fatayars, and, oh wait, read the menu given below. I love the chocolated covered dates ( I am not really a dates person, but had to try these). The flat bread pizza was crunchy and light, leaving plenty of room for the main course. I ordered the Lasagna, which was delish, making Lals my favorite place for it in Karachi. Friends ordered the Ramzan special Marrakesh Chicken and rice, which have been introduced to the menu especially for this month. According to them, the rice were a little low of the seasoning side, but the garlic yogurt gave it the necessary punch. 

Verdict: definitely try!

Iftaar Menu Final (1)-01


So this Mexican themed restaurant just opened up in Karachi and I have been looking forward to trying it out. You should too if you are curious what Ramzan in Mexico looks like. Here is their deal. Post 14 (1) Burger Lab

Burger Lab is the one place, where you there is no space to even set a foot. It is always boiling out with people. Their beef burgers are to die for! Here are their deals for Ifaar. Post 155 Post 156 Domino’s

I wasn’t always a fan of Domino’s. This one time I ordered a pizza from them and what I got was a monstrosity dripping with barbeque sauce. yikes!  I vowed never to have it again, until one poor day at work when I had no cash and was starving. Fishing through my purse I manage to collect 200 bucks and for that much the only thing available was a small domino’s pizza. I ordered the Italiano feast, which has now become my favorite, and since then I am a Domino’s convert. Have had it numerous times, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. I was unable to find their facebook page, this I got from their Twitter. Order through their website and get 50% off! CH2C_oKUYAAbEpi Pizza hut

I don’t know the people who go to Pizza Hut anymore, but if you are one of them, here are their deals for you. Also why? I tried giving them another chance last month, and oh boy wanted to kick myself for that. I doubt if they would miraculously improve in Ramzan. Anyway, here are their deals

Verdict: In Ramzan, with no patience at all, I pass! 11053477_665882233512806_3856318614914218784_n

Mr Burger

Mr. Burger has always been love! Their juicy chicken deluxe burgers and classic Mr. burger with cheese are the reason I have weight issues. Recently however with numerous outlets closing down, their quality has seen a little dip. But with the opening of their new outlet at Rahat, I am hoping things are getting better again! This is their Ramzan deal!



They makes waves with their witty one liners, I wish they would put some more effort in their food too! If you plan on stopping by Nando’s for iftaar, their deals are, 11401036_1655258414706255_2005067460324728271_n New York Coffee

I went to New York Coffee just a few days back and while the Cafe Latte I ordered was served lukewarm at best, it had plenty of potential to be really good. I might stop by for food sometime. Their iftaar deal gets you a free entree on every order. 11225734_865460340200608_6916184520265102026_n Johnny Rockets

While the food is alright, the shakes at Johnny Rockets are yum! And with the new branch opening next to Naheed, very near my workplace, I just might stop by for one. Their iftaar deal offers you a buy 1 get 1 free meal. So take a date along. you know Kajoor!

ReviewJohnny Rockets yesterday with a friend. It was awesome. From service to food quality and value for money, everything was spot on.We got complimentary drinks which was a polite gesture from the staff.Our order was:
The Spicy Houston – Meal The original – Meal 1/2 Rings & 1/2 Fries, Strawberry and chocolate shake All this was only Rs.1411. All in all, their buy 1 get 1 free deal is an absolute hit. Highly recommended for everyone!

Verdict: Go ahead!

11141333_974518745932966_5715146477236965868_n California Pizza

California Pizza is what Pizza Hut used to be, during its good time. The pizzas are not only good, they are affordable too, and their pastas and lasagnas are cheesy delicious! Do check out their deal. 11427322_848882278525006_8076258515232177696_o


Had food at Cosmopolitan twice. The first time I stopped by for the newly launched breakfast menu, that was average. I am a sucker for French Toast, but the one I had there left me disappointed. Their Fererro Rocher Pancakes however. were absolutely divine. But given that they had newly set up by then, I forgave them and had food again, and second time I had a great experience. So if you are wondering whether you should stop by Cosmopolitan for Iftar, I say you should!


Broadway Pizza 

Pizza for iftar and sehri, yes please! 11537913_882037191861318_4934061113895932057_o Mcdonalds

While I still think Mcdonalds is 98% plastic, I have recently been introduced to their flavored plastic by a friend. And I do like their McArabia. So here’s their Iftaar deal.10537104_1017456048265042_8406944171960218640_n Arizona Grill

For around 1000 bucks, eat all you want at Arizona Grill. Go nuts. stuff your face. then pray to the Lord the calories disappear. sigh. 1557381_803162609779716_7016711451046360032_o Gloria Jeans

Gloria is the new Pizza Hut. Remember how the latter was the go to choice for everyone every Ramzan no matter how awful the food got? Yeah that goes for Gloria now. 11013259_909692512453017_8017359726037120890_n OPTP

I have yet to meet a person who turned down the offer to have fries at OPTP, unless they were on a diet (been there) There fish is really good, and burgers decent. I am not sure about the drumsticks though, and this is precisely what they are offering for Ramzan, a bucket full of chicken legs. I am not a chicken leg person, so skipping out on this. 11428505_10153432986100561_8941430139978447965_n Bella Vita 

My hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie is over. Bella Vita has successfully taken over and is reigning supreme (though I can totally have the one at espresso too). Stop by for iftaar and have a big crunchy gooey chocolate chip cookie. 10614132_927357667321341_6209850371963602059_n Pan’ris

Haven’t been to Pan’ris yet. However the pictures shared on their page make you want to visit at least once. This one is  ‘I’d like to try’ on my list. 11425501_390235927830668_88977795506915850_o Fatburger

Well at least it’s upfront and honestly tells you what to expect if you eat there. Here is the iftaar and sehri deal from Fatburger. 10888822_297172907073646_7711043614899797296_n Gon Pacci

Look at how hard these people worked on their Iftaar menu! Please visit these people just for the effort! 11406374_987475577978451_7784454714265598902_o

Chairman Mao (new)

My most recent visit to Chairman Mao was very …. saucy, because everything we ordered was dripping with ketchup. Maybe they had too much on their hands, or maybe their recipe book needs some edits, whatever the reason, I am probably avoiding them for now. Their iftaar deal Rs. 400 + tax. If you have a thing for Ketchupy food, order away!


Rosati Bistro

  So I really have been wanting to go to Rosati, but for some reason or another, I couldn’t. Maybe I’ll try out their iftaar deal, which is an All you can eat for PKR 1259 + Tax! Menu includes iftar items, soups, salads, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, BBQ, Desserts, Cold beverages, fresh fruits & more. 11215728_1654548478110582_5998133661987308556_n Ginsoy

For Ramazan Ginsoy is offering 50% off their menu. So you’ll only feel half as bad if the food is not good. 11401317_893124187401102_5306494294805898026_n

Mash n Bangers (new)

There was a time when Mash n Bangers was open for delivery at my workplace with charging a ridiculous amount of delivery fee. And we ordered Mash n Bangers (the name of a dish) quite a lot. WIth mashed potatoes and sausages, it was clearly a dish sent down from above. And then came the deliver charges. I haven’t tried in in quite a while, so you will be trying this Ramzan deal at your own risk.


Gourmet Burger Company GBC (New)

Another one of the places I haven’t tried yet. They are offering a number of deals, for which you can visit their Facebook page. I wanted to share this particular one, because well, MASHROOMS!


After Eight 

If you haven’t heard of this place before. let me clarify that this isn’t the minty chocolate heaven you thought of. It is a restaurant in Bahadurabad. Been there once, for lunch with sister and her kids. The place was empty. That should give you more than enough fodder to decide whether you want to try them out or not. PS. I wouldn’t.


The Sauce

Just had The Sauce two days before Ramzan. I am probably skipping out on this deal. You, however should  try it out. 11057778_394733190717703_1214018579387925192_n


Iftar at Verde will start from 10th Ramzan that is Sunday. It is for Rs. 1,199/- plus tax – per head.


Nawab Darbar (new)

The entire Do Darya belt has now converted into a food street, with popular eateries like Charcoal and Kolachi, hogging all the limelight. Amongst them (with good social media skills) is Nawab Darbar. I personally haven’t been there, but this visual looks pretty tempting. Stop by if there is no room at Kolachi. Plus they give you a discount if you reserve a table a day in advance. 11406366_925722487470388_7625230667476090730_o

The New York Pizza (new)

Your ‘amma ke haath ka bana’ pizza, that you pay for. Not a fan. Here is their deal.


Hob Nob Cafe (New) 

So I don’t understand why you guys would want to go out and eat samosa pakoras again, and pay for it too. I mean don;t you eat the same stuff at home? I prefer the homemade ones anyway! So Hob Nob has made quite a name for themselves with their cakes and brownies. Also every time there is a birthday at work, we hop off to the nearest Hob Nob to get a cake. Anything else is considered an insult. Since I haven’t tried out their savories I can’t tell you if this deal is worth your time and money. But again, why would you go out to have samosa pakoras?



Since Subway was perhaps the only thing I could eat during my lunch break without being terrified of the calories, I have developed quite a liking for it, all the bees coming out of it and all. I am definitely having this deal. 11425567_992690637431105_1007046300844782052_n Koffie Chalet11053347_1656690814563015_8984918414453492217_n

Student Biryani (new)

Who hasn’t heard their parents, or grand parents go on about how the owner of this place started from a tiny kiosk in saddar. With numerous branches all over the city, this biryani joint now serves fast food as well. If you are a normal living breathing Karachite, your love for biryani can never be lessened, and while their taste has deteriorated over the years, an average biryani is better than no biryani! PS, why the lunch box?


Del Frio

Del Frio is one of those places which has good days and bad. Unless you go to Dolmen Mall and have their food. Then they usually have bad days. Here is their Ramzan offer. 11406859_1653559684876128_78000456532351548_n

Eatfit (new)

Eatfit is the one place I would order from daily, only if they didnt charge so much for delivery!. Their food not only is the perfect thing for weight watchers (yes I watch what I eat for a little time) and even have the number of calories mentioned on them. So you can really think about what you are about to consume. (no really) Their healthy Ramzan menu is:



I really don’t know who’s managing Vintage’s Facebook page, but they need to tone the cheese down a tad bit. That said, I really want to stop by and try this out! 11424782_1592490257672400_2537831081186640473_o BBQ Tonight

I have yet to meet a bigger fan of BBQ Tonight than my sister. Sure their garlic nan is fantastic and the food is pretty decent, but stopping by every time you plan on eating out?? eeep no! Their Ramzan offer: 11412300_10153435907782612_6763263327644032948_n Rajdhani Delights

So every time my family decides to go to Rajdhani, something goes wrong. One time a relative broke their arm, on another occasion it was closed because a new management was taking over. and recently our car broke down on the way forcing us to settle for a kebab paratha place near by. Therefore I am really looking forward to this deal! 1510513_442177992620630_8216021509732963043_n Dunkin Donuts

If you are out of strength, or perhaps money, you can easily slip in through to your nearest Dunkin Donut and enjoy this deal. Their omwiches are yum! but have enough calories to last you a week! The Bologna sandwich is good too and I love Apple n Spice donuts. 905829_10153693900971758_6808860159244127998_o Koel Cafe

I have had the good fortune of visiting Koel Café twice and on both occasions, I was pretty happy with my food. Their pizzas are very crunchy and light, so you can stuff your face without feeling queasy, plus their refreshing cold drinks are perfect for the hell that Karachi has recently become. You can enjoy their specially designed Ramadan platter for a price of Rs. 899/- exclusive of tax) 11430124_904291656303207_5507764354841045239_o

Cafe Riverwood

I hope the food is better than it looks in this picture.


Gun Smoke

Just like them to give it all away for free. Since you know, no price as such has been mentioned. 11000651_10152747735632574_2548420966855045136_o Cafe Zouk

Have been meaning to go there, maybe I might stop by to try their Iftaar dinner buffet. I dont know why the 100 bucks more for DHA Branch though. 10930115_1072862526076152_2165559444564603575_n Capsicum

The one time I stopped by Capsicum, I promised myself no more. The only good thing about this place is the decor, oh and their overly friendly staff who is ever so apologetic about food coming late, which was something I saw happening to everyone around my table. Go if you absolutely must.

Verdict: Skip it. 

11401409_870893642965794_3115914095484080185_n 14th Street

Never have been a fan of 14th Street. Whenever I ordered from them, I specified that my pizza should be mild with no jalapenos and guess what I would find when they delivered? Yay! Jalapenos. 11412302_952444721443596_4848399077683364667_o TGI Fridays

Emmm per iftaar meal? Who’s going to stop by expecting free food everyday after paying just once? Whaaaaat? 11014622_855021584584602_2180172589636851567_n Golden Dragon

Depending on how many people you plan to feed for iftaar, Golden Dragon has 4 different deals for you. You can order it all just for yourself too, no one’s judging. 11209761_10205267575503698_1924562748186882734_n Snack Attack

Quick question why is their chicken so angry? 11428018_1004720379559229_7135722465148575056_n Tao

I recently went to Tao and had their sushi! So they pass my ‘can we eat there’  test. Their Iftaar deal starts from Rs. 1,295+tax. 11232039_1654918834740213_5522512679675243407_o Fuchsia

Feeling proud of yourself (really?) then reward yourself with Fuchsia’s Iftaar menu. You know you can’t eat all that otherwise, you shouldn’t either. 10317712_1655305568034873_2729127537565512498_o KFC

Well if you are out of options and happen to be near by a KFC when the call to prayer is heard, here is what you get. 11428234_10153448301456098_37216804409012197_o Red Emperor 

Someone needs to tell Red Emperor, deal posts have a bit more info that this. So I am copying their status here for you guys. ‘Order Any Of Our Platters For 2 Or 4 And Delight Yourself With Unlimited Chinese Fried Rice and Chicken Hakka Noodles For Absolutely Free! Also, Free Special Lemon Mint Drink For Refreshment!” 11401291_873057892761220_2639941681891988944_n Pizzo

While I haven’t had the pizzas from Pizzo, i have tried their lasagna, pasta and garlic bread. Their lasagnas’ hold the power to start their own country and get invaded by US. 10805651_817322718352170_6985351869431431703_n

Pizza Max

So with a pizza wala opening up shop at every gali and mohalla ka nukaar, the competition is getting tough. Not to be left behind, the nukkar ka pizza shops also have introduced their Ramzan Special deals. Haven’t tried Pizza Max, before, though I am sure it would be better than Pizza hut.


Pizza University

My pizza is better than yours! How? It’s a graduate! from Pizza University. I personally have eaten here and it was pretty good. So if you happen to be in this neighborhood you can totally stop by. You’re getting one for free what more do you want! Also someone should tell these poor dears to put their logos on their artwork.


Pizza & Pasta Co

The only time I tried some was when I had gone to watch The Hobbit at Cinepax. That too I sampled from my friend’s order. It was meh.



Couldn’t find much info about N’eco’s except that their Iftaar buffet is for Rs. 1699 plus tax. You can call them for the day’s menu. 11407160_1119524198074013_7020453994145106873_n Village

There was a time my family frequented Village so often for High Tea, I could tell what they would serve by heart! Thank God we have branched out now. Their Iftaar deal. 1510376_894207143972053_7845262626382456633_n

Club Genova (new)

Sorry guys, for this one, you are on your own. Haven’t tried it as yet so don’t know how the food will be.


Tavern Grill

Haven’t been to Tavern Grill ever. So if you want to stop by, do so at your own risk.And please share your experience. 11390485_1455882258061121_6486861489659652235_n Obeez Burgers

I guess they took inspiration from Fatburger. Truth be told, I’d rather be called fat by my burger than obese, that too with wrong spelling. Their iftar deal gets you all this. 11403229_1648499518718133_1140967579930691991_n Sizzlerz

Another place I haven’t been to. Also they have an extra z in their name, so that made me judge them a teensy bit. But who cares about grammar if the food is good. I once had a ‘Mashroom’ Burger from a local place only because I saw someone eating it on the table next to mine and it looked killer delicious. It was. 11393429_914526691922472_3153053275214475635_o Wimpy’s

Let’s just say there are quite a few places I have been to, sigh. Here’s the iftaar special from Wimpy’s. They get an extra point for the apostrophe! 10914940_685275244939094_4632892333120209780_o Kaybees

There was a time, when only a handful of places had the home delivery option. And Kaybees was one of them. That was also the time when their food was actually good. Their club sandwich for instance had real chunks of chicken and was something I occasionally craved for. Now, well a few bits do poke out from the mayo laden pieces of bread, as for the fried chicken, it is as tasteless as it is pink. I don’t want pink chicken, eep! 11018722_849884401753778_3275840260916478952_n

The Deli


The Burger Factory

Chanced upon the photoshoot of Burger Factory once. Made me swear off burgers for emmm well a week. but it did. 11401361_451025041725619_5909845707494516629_n Firehouse

Em there isn’t much detail mentioned about Firehouse. I am hoping they will put it up soon, after which I will replace whatever this is with that. 11425152_737418323051003_5334962638932551602_n

Lal Qila (new)

There was a time when the food at Lal Qila was actually good. The crowd at the Jumbo prawns section meant you had to sneak a piece or two from mum’s plate because no way could you get some on your own. The barbeque too was good and the white chicken handi absolutely yum. Fast forward last month, we went there again for my dad’s birthday. Awful. No line at the prawns. white chicken reeked. and barbeque was average. I don’t think I am planning to return there anytime soon.

Iftaar review: Went to Lal Qila with 6 Fiends on Tuesday and had worst experience, their service has got pathetic
and the food served was cold. They have minus few signature dishes.

Verdict – Skip it. 


Dolmen Mall

If you are a shop till you drop kinda person, you must be spending a great deal of your time at Dolmen Mall. And when the call to prayer is heard, you decide why not go up to the food court and have some. I have a list of places offering Ramzan special deals at Dolmen. However be warned; since I have survived an iftaar at Dolmen, here is what you need to know. Find a seat an hour and a half before Magreb! Trust me on this. The food outlets charge a crazy amount of money for a small bottle of water (since the shaitan in them knows it’s what you need after a long fast), So make sure the deal you buy includes a water bottle.


Who here hasn’t craved for a cinnamon bun and a red velvet cupcake from time to time (really you haven’t?) If you are in Dolmen, check this deal out. 10500424_1145297762150952_1774505553604625137_n Bombay Chowpatty

While in normal days, my mum loves their dossa, I don’t know if they maintain their quality during Ramzan. Also this deal fails to impress me. Why would I go out to eat roll, channa chat and pakoray fruit chat. That is what I get at home! Why pay to get the same? 10413386_1145298382150890_1303695017989802044_n Chachajee

If the lines in front of Chachajee before Iftaar don’t terrify you, here is what you can order from them. 10999804_1145298628817532_4183650954848346177_n China Grill

Meh. Perhaps if that is the only place without a long line ( I gravitate towards short lines). 1781522_1145298978817497_3213119358661784315_o Solen Istanbul

So maybe you have decided not to fill your body with crap after a long day of fasting. Good for you. While there may not be many choices for you, You can try food from Solen Istanbul. 11419315_1145298642150864_8589825047713413491_o So I have been going through the Facebook pages of a lot of restaurants and cafes for the sake of this list, and realized that most don’t even have a decent social media presence. I mean why? Anyway, a few people have been kind enough to share details of some of these food places with me, so I’ll do the same for you all! However since the deals posted below aren’t being taken from their official page, I cannot guarantee their authenticity. 

The Lantern

First, they have a page, but it hasn’t been updated in forever? Why people? Need social media? Contact me! Their Ramzan deal includes an Iftar Deal for Rs 699 + tax and Sehri 35 % off on anything you order from 11 pm till 2am.

Rangoli, Arena – Iftar tried and tested

Up until the last time I visited Rangoli, they served pretty decent food. I don’t know how it is now. Their iftaar deal starts from Rs. 1099/-

Update: A review from someone who tried Rangoli. Maybe It’s better to skip it this year? Karim Ali: I tried Rangoli for Iftar on Saturday. We were 4 friends and had the worst experience. AC was not working properly, food was tasteless, malai boti and kabab were not properly cooked and it costed us Rs.7500 for 4 people. To add to it, just when the iftar started, the staff gave us the bill and insisted we pay as early as possible. That was very embarrassing for everyone I believe.The only good thing was getting a bowling coupon at the end of the deal.Never ever going to Rangoli again!’

Verdict – Skip it.


Almost everybody has at least once stopped by Roasters for iftaar. About time they got active on social media, not that they would ever change their soundtrack to something from this century, sigh. Their Iftar deal is for Rs. 1340/-.


If you have the strength to drive out that far, Charcoal has an exciting Iftaar offer for you starting from Rs. 1,195 + tax.


This I got from their page. please make sense out of this if you can. Also do try their Makhani handi and pulao. Iftar+buffet ‘dinner @ Kolachi ( spirit of Karachi) Adults = PKR-1490 plus tax ,Childrens (4-8yrs)=PKR-890 plus tax’

17 thoughts on “Ramzan deals Karachi 2015 Leave a comment

  1. That is a very tasty article. Imagine 42 degrees and going through all those pics while fasting. Between what’s your body mass?

  2. Best and detailed reviews.When ever i plan to try some new eatery, first thing i do is check your reviews.
    Thumbs up for your countless efforts. keep writing and guiding us.

  3. I tried Rangoli for Iftar on Saturday. We were 4 friends and had the worst experience. AC was not working properly, food was tasteless, malai boti and kabab were not properly cooked and it costed us Rs.7500 for 4 people. To add to it, just when the iftar started, the staff gave us the bill and insisted we pay as early as possible. That was very embarrassing for everyone I believe.

    The only good thing was getting a bowling coupon at the end of the deal.

    Never ever going to Rangoli again!

  4. Went to Lal Qila with 6 Fiends on Tuesday and had worst experience, their service has got pathetic
    and the food served was cold. They have minus few signature dishes.

    • You are absolutely right. Their quality has gone down. and they aren’t even trying to improve. Thank you for providing your feedback 🙂 ill include it in my blog!

  5. My second iftar was at Johnny Rockets yesterday with a friend. It was awesome. From service to food quality and value for money, everything was spot on.

    We got complimentary drinks which was a polite gesture from the staff.

    Our order was:
    The Spicy Houston – Meal
    The original – Meal
    1/2 Rings & 1/2 Fries
    Strawberry and chocolate shake

    All this was only Rs.1411.

    All in all, their buy 1 get 1 free deal is an absolute hit. Highly recommended for everyone!

  6. Salam
    Superb review

    Let’s hope we don’t end stuffing up our selves 24/7

    so you just googled it or actually went to all 😬

  7. Went to kolachi. Didn’t disappoint me in taste wise bit their was so much hush. It was like you invited 500 people in a wedding and 1000 people came. This is what kolachi felt like. Their BBQ was nice makhni handi was yummm and so was the finger fish

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