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Shan Foods – Khushiyan Chakh Lo‬

As a child, I used to believe Shan Foods was hand made by the Pakistani actor Shan. I was a very innocent kid, (read dumb) (I even thought accidentally mixing bubble bath with washing powder would magically grow clothes onto your body… what?).

Shan Foods has been servicing Pakistan for over 3 decades and now has expanded its market to provide a taste of home to those living abroad. People who have been abroad, know the main issue with food is it being Halal. The only way you can be sure is if you cook it yourself. And God help you if you can’t cook. So with Shan Masalas now available across the globe, an amateur too can cook wonders. even if you find yourself living in a different country, alone. All you need to do is read the instructions written on the label, or maybe call a relative (skype anyone). This is perfectly expressed in their latest ad that is currently being aired. Even the most stoic hearts such as myself, quietly shed a tear or two watching as two brothers celebrate Eid away from their mother, but remembering her with one of her specialty dishes. Scroll down below to watch it if you haven’t.

A while back my uncle from India was visiting us. My mom’s Indian, and her entire family still lives there. He could not shut up about how good our food was. Insisted on taking boxes upon boxes of Shan Masalas, even though his luggage could hold no more.

There was a time when my mum went to India for two months. That period was one of the funniest ever since my dad was in charge of feeding his four clueless kids. His idea of cooking was putting in all the Shan masalas his hands could reach into a pot of boiling chicken, (yes like mixing biryani and kebab masala) and we were so horrified watching him cook, we ate silently. Thinking about it now, I don’t think anything he cooked tasted off. Maybe Shan Masalas are made for clueless cooks as well as professional ones.

If you are anything like me, you only cook if your life depended upon it (yay us). But in light of recent events, I went through a serious lifestyle change, that meant eating healthy. So I took it upon myself to make my own healthy food. While my family enjoyed biryanis and pulaos, I sucked up and ate my boiled cabbage soup. Sure it was sad but it wasn’t all terrible. On my proteins days, I got to enjoy a delicious grilled chicken, which I made with my secret recipe! (ok no, it was just marinated with some lemon juice and Shan Masala.) But it was something I looked forward to.

Gone are the days when aunties would gather, mixing different spices to prepare delicious dishes (sometimes I wish I was born in that era). However we too have our own spectacular feasts. Only ours is prepared much quicker thanks to Shan Masalas.

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