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Make a difference with iDonate!


Let us all take a minute and be brutally honest with each other. Ramzan in Pakistan has become the most commercialized and top earning month of the Islamic Calendar. Between the craziness of all TV channels handing out free stuff, food eateries setting special menus, shopping and festivities, the real idea behind Ramzan has been diluted.

The purpose is to realize how people below the poverty line struggle to stay alive on a daily basis. We however have turned it into a circus, an ugly ritual of staying hungry all day and stuffing our faces at night, because well what else do you do in Ramzan. I am not proud of this, and I am no different.

We don’t have much time to bring a big change, but, we can still be a drop in the sea. I have found the easiest way possible for you to help. Become a part of Foodpanda’s iDonate campaign and join hands in helping the less fortunate.

Foodpanda has partnered with Edhi Foundation and Saylani Welfare Trust for this iDonate campaign, which invites people to interact on foodpanda social media platforms to enable their consent in donation of staple food items.

Trust me when I say this, there is no easier way of helping people. All you have to do is visit, pick out a staple item of your choice and comment in the ‘Comment Box’.

Foodpanda will make donations for the food item to Edhi Foundation and Saylani Welfare Trust.
Donations for these items are sole responsibility of foodpanda therefore no transactions are involved in participation.

Does it really get better than this? We all spend hours and hours on the internet. Take out a few minutes to comment and maybe help someone in need.

For more information, please log on to

Or visit their facebook page:

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