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10 Thoughts you get while watching Bin Roye


Pakistani dramas are well liked across the world especially in India due to their close depiction of the real world (although with heavy Urdu, we honestly don’t talk like that). The cinema and theatre however have largely remained dormant, with barely 15 movies being released in the last decade. So while our dramas remain unbeaten, the movie industry is still learning how to fly. Just recently we have seen some attempts being made to revive cinema in Pakistan. Ashamedly I have been unable to watch most of those movies, but the reviews I came across are mostly full of praises.

Therefore when I got a chance to see the newly released Bin Roye, I was interested in seeing it. Before I review the movie for you all, let me just take a minute to say, I don’t really watch Pakistani dramas. There I said it. You may organize a crazy mob against me, I don’t care. I can’t sit and watch beautiful ladies crying in every episode. My life is sad enough already. And yes I happen to be the 1% of Pakistan’s population who missed out on Humsafar altogether, and the other dramas everybody has been talking about. Just please understand my brain is wired differently. I process things on a different pace, maybe even on a different plane.

Bin Roye was the second Pakistani movie I saw after Duktaar. And for my review I would like to share with you some thoughts that crossed my mind while watching this movie.

  • Wait what?

Yes, that’s an actual thought that went through my mind during the first half of the movie. So it begins with Mahira Khan’s character Saba trying to spot the Eid ka chand, which she manages (quite a feat). Once that happens, Saba, overcome with happiness, runs along with her much older cousin Humayun Saeed, Irtiza to shop for bangles. For the longest time possible I thought the movie was shot in Lahore, because while Chaand Raat in Karachi is a grand event in itself, there are no big dance parties at the bangle stores. If people randomly started dancing, we will look towards the nearest wall to find the number of Bengali Baba to perform an exorcism. But wait it was all in their head (wait whaaat?)

  • Creepy cousin alert!

So Saba and Irtiza are first cousins growing up together. Irtiza loses his parents as a child and is brought up by Saba’s parents. There is another guy in the picture, but we are never told who he is, Zafar I believe his name is, whether he’s Saba’s brother or Irtiza’s, or just furniture I honestly can’t tell you. To me Irtiza is your average chacha ka beta whom you should be avoiding at all costs. I can tell for a fact that whatever was happening between the two wasn’t brotherly love and wrong on a lot of levels. Also a hint of pedophila. He is much older than Saba, (I did my own calculation and will share later) and treats her, well, like a friend instead of a sister. (Warning signs if you ask me). All her life Saba has been spoilt by Irtiza, going out ice cream eating and entering his room without knocking. Emmm I am really sorry, but aren’t we trying to educate our young girls not to Trust anyone, especially creepy much older cousins who call you ‘friend’.

  • Cousin galore and basic mathematics.

Well Saba has another cousin, who we learn is actually her sister Saman. And here my calculations kick in. Saba’s mother is seen telling her husband that Saman the older sister is 22. That makes Saba 19 20. Irtiza on the other hand is referred to their Dadi as 30ish. Interesting no? No. It is creepy. It is also the love triangle.  While I personally am against intermarriages, it is allowed in our religion and if other people choose to do it, fine by me, but this plot is ridiculous. Do these people have no lives outside their household?   One grew up in America for crying out loud. Surely they must have met other people,

  • Nesvita works wonders.

All through the movie we see Mahira Khan running. A lot. Also being a little loony due to her love for Humayun Saeed. This made me conclude that regular consumption of Nesvita will give me strong bones to impress the other fat ladies at the gym, but on the other hand increase my chances of going bat shit insane.

Bones strong to mei strong!
Bones strong to mei strong!
  • Do you want to build a snowman.

At one point in the movie a character loses their parents. I honestly excepted the other cousins ( there are just cousins, no one else) to sing do you want to build a snowman.

  • Do not cross roads!

I am a spoilt brat who still has no idea how to cross the road. Usually my car stops inches away from my destination, however if in the event that I do have to cross the road, my parents usually hold my hand. Yes I am in my Twenties why do you ask? Watching this movie just reinforced my determination not to cross roads. Better get more petrol than to risk well something (whew that was close.)

  • Why must the larka always be 10 years older?

I have given you exact calculations. Irtiza is at least 10 years older than both cousins. Which means when he was graduating from university, at least one of them was in class 6 ( yes, I have given this too much thought). Tell me that isn’t a little creepy.

  • Fashion in Pakistan is on fire.

So seated next to me during this movie were my very fashiony friends who kept pointing out the various designer dresses Mahira and the other cast wore throughout the movie. I am no fashion expert, but appreciation should be given where due. Those outfits were Fahhanncccyy!

  • Wait, where have I seen this before?

The story borrows content heavily from certain bollywood movies like Hum Apke Hai Kon, and Kuch Kuch Hota Movies (yes I have seen both). Numerous scenes in the movie looked very familiar.

  • I still support the rise of cinema in Pakistan.

I took my mum to see the movie, and the critic in her said that while the story was good, the acting skills and dialogues need work. Mahira alone cannot be responsible for the movie. Her acting was actually on point. Her character is the only one that actually goes through some development in the movie. Everyone else is well just there.

Don’t let my review stop you from seeing this movie. Nothing is ever good enough for me, (unless it’s a book, by Oscar Wilde) go watch it, form your own opinions and groove on!

Bin Roye:

Distributed in Pakistan by HumTv.

Directors: Shehzad Kashmiri
Momina Duraid

Written By: Farhat Ishtiaq


Mahira Khan as Saba

Humayun Saeed as Irtiza

Armeena Rana Khan as Saman

Adeel Hussain

Zeba Bakhtiar

Javed Sheikh

Jahanzeb Khan

Here is the trailer for the film if you haven’t seen it.

One thought on “10 Thoughts you get while watching Bin Roye Leave a comment

  1. I came across your blog whilst just randomly searching bin roye reviews. First of all I have not seen the film but heard tremendous positive reviews about it.
    I have some observations about your review if you do not mind me sharing,
    It is not creepy that the guy is older. Why would it be creepy? What you are saying is the millions of people around the world who have younger spouses are creeps for marrying or liking people younger than themselves.
    It is only creepy and not to mention illegal when an older person begins to manipulate the younger for selfish gains, for wrongful relations.
    And before you may assume I am a creepy older cousin.. I am not, I married outside the family 🙂

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