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7UP – Asal Foodies, the struggle is real.

Being the little sister of a ‘Mad Man’ I am no stranger to advertisements. While others watch dramas and skip ads, in my house, we skip dramas and watch ads, determine how many times a particular one is aired, and what is its prime time (sigh). I grew up listening to all kinds of jingles many of which are permanently burrowed in my brain.

We as consumers are exposed to thousands of ads every day, some we bear, some we are annoyed by and for some we are compelled to change the channel. So what can advertisers do to make sure their ad not only stands out but attracts the target audience into watching and acting on it as well? They take cue from 7UP Asal Foodies campaign.

Going where others do not dare, 7UP Asal Foodies campaign boldly leaps on any opportunity it gets to interact with its target audience. While their television ad is catchy (who else hums along to the Mana Lo Food Ka Love?) their BTL activities leave the masses wanting for more.

One such example is the 7UP Foodies Cruise which took a number of people (including me) for a joy ride around Karachi’s coastline, accompanied by some delicious food and the melodious voice of Zoe Viccaji.

Then there are the Double Decker buses running around Karachi and Lahore, taking Asal Foodies for a spin around their respective cities again with some delicious food and tons of fun.

And while these activities are keeping audience engaged and coming back for more, 7UP reveals that it has one more trick up its sleeve: A claymation video! This video features two of Pakistan’s most popular dishes, Biryani and Chat and their fight to achieve dominance over the other.  The video highlights the struggle of Asal Foodies when going out to eat food. What to order? A yummy plate of piping hot Biryani, or a spicy crunchy chat? And even after we order any one, we wish we had gotten the other one too, because that is what an Asal foodie would do.

Take a look for yourself and decide are you Team Chat or Team Biryani? Me? I am Team Biryani, as I rarely get to eat carbs L. So I jump at any chance I get, to have some.  However be it Biryani or Chat, a bottle of chilled 7up is an absolute must!

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