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Say it with Pepsi!

While technology is yet to discover a way to let you slap people virtually, it has begotten Emojis or emoticons that let you express your true emotions in your physical absence. Conversation in the 21stcentury is conducted mostly through typed messages we send one another via text or other means. And while we can describe how we feel using words, but ‘ain’t nobody got the time for that’! That is where these emojis take the cake.

Did someone share a not so funny joke with you? Has someone been messaging you nonstop? The answer to both is a simple emoji. Just send one back; that constitutes as a reply relieving you of your obligation to respond, with words. Emojis now come in all shapes and sizes. There is one for every emotion, and they aren’t restricted to simple smiley faces either. They represent tons of new things such as bloody footsteps that I assume you send someone when you are having thoughts about murdering them and then walking away from the crime scene. Or a game console, indicating that you are a ‘player’!

But while the emojis save us from saying what we feel when we aren’t present within close proximity, what does one do when one is out of words in the company of (yikes) other humans? Social convention expects you to laugh out loud at other people’s jokes (no matter how lame) and be glum when someone shares a sad story. But when you have to ask permission from the parents to go on a fun trip with friends, to tell a crush how you really feel, social convention wants you to shut up. HA! Now you don’t have to follow it anymore!

Whenever you are at a loss of words, for any reason whatsoever, you now have a way of being heard without saying anything. How? Why with Pepsi of course! For all us suffering from social anxiety, and yes even you confident ones, Pepsi is introducing its limited edition cans and PET bottles featuring some of our most favourite emojis!


The ‘#SayItWithPepsi campaign was first launched by Pepsi Canada in June 2015 and became an immediate hit! A wide collection of fun and expressive Emojis was introduced on special edition Cans & PET bottles,encouraging people to make and share their own stories by ‘saying it with Pepsi’.Fun videos, cool merchandize, great activations to an exclusive customized keyboard (available for iOS & android), Pepsi has found the best way to use Emojis in the real world!


The successful #SayItWithPepsi campaign in Canada kick started the Emoji movement spreading across to other countries like the USA and Thailand. And very soon something similar can be expected from Pepsi Pakistan!


I for one am extremely excited for that! I absolutely hate someone asking me for a sip of my Pepsi, and now I can buy a bottle that could perhaps say ‘people get your own’. They are after all telling us to ‘Say it with Pepsi’! Fingers Crossed.

Want to know more about #PepsiMoji? Check out the following:

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