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Slice Slice Baby! Broadway Pizza – Review

If you want to know what true love feels like, order a pizza. Even if it’s not the best pizza in the world, the cheesy goodness will still give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

True love!

For a city famous for hating everything happening within it, Karachi sure loves it food.  Every corner you turn you find four different pizza parlours, all offering ‘the largest’ or ‘the tastiest’ ‘the one for health conscious (yes!)’ and more. The streets are lined with massive billboards, tempting you with pictures of pizzas all stolen from the internet.

So what’s the deal with this cheesy piece of bread that makes us Karachiites so insane? To answer this question, I valiantly sacrificed myself as a test subject and volunteered to find the best pizzas in the city. Yes, only for you all, I will order and eat all the pizzas I can find in Karachi and give you the final verdict.


Now I have already tried out the pizzas from various top outlets in Karachi and I have a few favourites. But in the spirit of having something different, I decided to order from the very famous (yet unexplored by me) Broadway Pizza.

The deals they were offering looked very enticing and being a sucker for some good pizza, convinced my mum to drop the idea of cooking something sad and ordered ‘The Full Deal’. The deal boasted a 20inch pizza of my choice, with an appetizer, a side, a 1.5 litre drink and 6 sauces.

Mentally prepared to gain 10 kg after this meal, I eagerly waited for my food to come. Promptly at 2pm, the time the guy on the phone told me it would arrive, the delivery guy showed up at my door. The pizza box was so huge, it wouldn’t fit in through the door, so I had to go find the key to open the extension (yep that was fun).  Three more trips in and out of the house with the food and I finally said goodbye to the delivery man (good guy.)

There are around 7 people in my house. And nobody was worried about not getting a piece (I don’t like to share). The box opened up to a very delightful looking heart shaped pizza! YES THE PIZZA LOVES ME TOO! My life is complete! Ok! So the love was short-lived because well I ate it. . February being considered the month of love (gag) I think this is the best a pizza parlour could do to keep up with the theme.


The pizza I ordered was Gypsy Euro, for appetizers, I got the Garlic Mayo Chicken wings, the side was Potato skins. Confused about the sauces, the guy taking my order said he would give me one of each. So I had 3 Garlic Mayo Ranch (everybody loved them), and 1 each of Jalapeno Ranch (a bit spicy), BBQ Ranch (liked the smokey flavour) and Spicy Buffalo (like the name said, too spicy).

The pizza was perfection. Thin crust just as I asked, it was crunchy and gooey at the same time. While I am a pepperoni pizza person, I had to keep in mind the others so Gypsy Euro with its topping of chicken sausages, smoked chicken and mushrooms among other things seemed the safest bet. And it delighted everyone. My dad who isn’t a fan of pizzas (yes, the horror!) too couldn’t resist. The huge slices meant nobody really had room for a second piece, even if they wanted to.  I don’t really like chicken wings, but my mum said she really liked them. The potato skins looked a little sad, but taste-wise they didn’t disappoint.

All in all, the little lunch I planned for the family went really well. Broadway Pizza has passed my test. Now looking for the next victim!

Much love,

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