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Ramadan 2016: Iftar Deals for Karachi

Even before they started people could be heard complaining how difficult Ramadan this year would be. It is too hot, the days are too long, were just some of the issue people had. However, no one is complaining now. Mainly because of the awesome deals and discounts almost every restaurant and cafe is offering. As always, here is a list in no particular order of the deals currently available,

As always, here is a list in no particular order of the deals currently available, along with a short review of the cafes offering them. You are welcome to try them out on their own and leave a review if you like!

I will keep updating the list throughout this month. If you know of a cafe I’ve missed, do let me know. Happy Ramadan.

BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight has always been kind to me. Whenever I visited with family (trust me it has been a lot) the food has been good giving me no reason to complain. Be sure to give this deal a try though.

bbq Tonight SidraRizviSays

Tavern Grill

Since I was there for lunch just a day before Ramadan started, I know for sure the food is good. The deal looks good too.

Tavern Grill SidraRizviSays


I had the good fortune of trying out their Iftaar last year. And while this year’s offering doesn’t look much different from what I had, I just might stop by to have some once more. Plus they are the only ones I know who have chocolate covered dates 😀

Lals SidraRizviSays

Bella Vita

Anyone who has had the fortune of trying out the cookie at Bella Vita can no longer say no to a chance of visiting the place. Their Ramadan deal this year looks good, even though it doesn’t include the above mentioned cookie.

Bella Vita SidraRizviSays


No matter what time or day of the week you visit Ginsoy, it is always full. And so the only time I tried out their food was when we ordered it at home. It arrived a little cold and I didn’t enjoy it much. Maybe I’ll get lucky and actually get a place to sit there for iftaar ( Yeah, with 50% off I know that’s not happening).

Ginsoy SidraRizvisays

Chatterbox Pie in the Sky

It has been a while since I ate at Chatterbox. The food then was good. I am not sure how it is now. If you happen to be a fan, do visit. Their Iftaar deal starts from Rs. 950/-


Chatterbox Sidrarizvisays


If Kaybees were to dig deep into its call log, the most call received number will be mine. There was a time we loved its fast food, but lately it has been disappointing us. That said, its desi food it still our favorite. We frequently order brain masala and chicken handi. Therefore, Kaybees is on definitely on the list.

Kaybees SidraRizviSays Kababjees

Sadly this is a place I have not yet tried. So I cannot tell you how their food is. You must dare to visit at your own risk.

Kababjees SidraRizviSays

Big Thick Burgerz

They are big, they are thick and they are Burgerz for some reason. Visit them in Ramadan and get a 50% discount.

BTB Sidrarizvisays

Broadway Pizza

I kinda love Broadway Pizza. I have ordered a few times and they have never disappointed me yet. I just might order from them for iftaar.

Broadway Pizza SidraRizviSays

Pizza Hut

I would be extremely surprised if you told me you still go to Pizza Hut. Their’s is the saddest story in the history of sad stories. Go ahead if you want, I for sure won’t be, even for the free cornetto -_-.

Pizza Hut


There was a time I kinda lived off Subway. Being the only deliverable option to my workplace that wasn’t greasy burgers and pizzas, I have had my fair share of subs. There I am skipping their deal this year. Subway SidraRizviSays


Yes, yes. No list can be complete with good old KFC. If this is the reason you are here, well the wait is over.

KFC SidraRizviSays


Following behind KFC, McDonald’s is just as much loved as the former. I have no idea why. Here is their Ramadan offer.

McDonalds Sidrarizvisays

Gloria Jean’s

Still a fan of Gloria’s? Good for you. Here is their Ramadan deal. I for one won’t be going.

Gloria Jeans SidraRizviSays

NewYork Coffee

New York Coffee has its days. It sometimes serves you really good food. Their new cafe in Sindhi Muslim is a pleasant place to be. Plus I love their mushroom and spinach pizzas and chicken strips! I just might stop by.

NewYork Coffee Sidrarizvisays

Cafe Zouk

While their food quality dwindles, their customer service is always top notch. Cafe Zouk is offering:SidraRizvisays

Rosati Bistro

I have heard conflicting reviews about this place. So far I haven’t tried it out. Their Iftaar deals look promising. If someone visits, do let me know.

Rosati Bistro SidraRizviSays


A visit to this restaurant is long overdue. It is on my must visit list this year.

Rakaposhi SidraRizviSays


If you have come to my blog truly looking for my review and not just the deals, I love you, and please skip this one. My first and last visit hopefully was not pleasant at all. Pranzo

Cafe Aylanto

I for one cannot make out a word of their Ramadan offer. That said, their food is good, so if you have a magnifying glass and can understand what they are serving, go ahead and visit.

Cafe Aylanto

Koffie Chalet

With the new branch now open at Sindhi Muslim, Koffie Chalet is now on my to visit list.

Koffie Chalet


Now celebrating their 15 years in Pakistan, Nando’s has kept us entertained with their witty taglines. Their food however has its moments. Nandos

Johnny Rockets

Dear o’ dear. Erm, fan of their food? Go ahead and visit. But be sure to take some air freshener along. Oh and you still have to buy one to get the other free. Johny Rockets

TGI Fridays

Never been here even though it’s always a Friday there. If you have, do leave a review.


Bombay Chowpatty

My shopping trips to Dolmen are always incomplete without having a plate of dahi puri from Bombay Chowpatty. If you are out Eid Shopping and thinking what to have for iftaar, this should be tried out for sure!


Pizza Max

The deal for Pizza Max. If you have the strength to stay up till 2am you can enjoy a sehri deal too!

Pizza Max SidraRizviSays

Del Frio

I have had good days and bad days at Del Frio. The good being the nutella brownie I can’t forget and the bad being the strong hit of undissolved chicken cube in the spinach soup. That said, their Ramadan deal doesn’t seem too tempting this year.


Delfrio Ramadan Deals

Steak Escape

Depending on your mood, Steak Escape offers you a variety of deals that range from burgers to steaks to burritos. The price isn’t too much either. A good deal for Ramadan.

Steak Escape

Dunkin Donuts

While their coffees are awful, I love the Omwich and Bologna sandwich at Dunkin Donuts. Yes, they are very heavy. Yes, I eat them still. On a day when I am not sure what to eat, I’ll order from Dunkin!

Dunkin Donuts

NewYork Pizza

Had pizza from NewYork Pizza twice, didn’t like it either time. Needless to say, this deal I am skipping.

Newyork Pizza











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