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Making Chocolate Truffles at Home

If there were to exist a magical elixir that could solve all your problems (even temporarily), it would be chocolate. Without looking into the science, we all agree that chocolate is extremely effective at lifting the mood of anyone who consumes it. And good news for all chocolate lovers, newer varieties of chocolates have been added to the three more commonly available; dark, milk and white. Two of those are Ruby and Blond chocolate.


While these two varieties of chocolate are only being used by a select few, the rest of us commoners have to make do with the originals. And we do have a huge selection to choose from too. Brands worldwide have created their own unique chocolate bars with different pairings. I decided to follow suit.

A day came in my life when after watching a million YouTube videos,  I decided to finally put my new knowledge to use. Thus started my obsession with making bite sized chocolate truffles.

This was my first attempt. The result was satisfactory so I tried my hand at making more. Contrary to what I thought, making chocolate truffles isn’t hard, but it is messy and you have to keep in mind things which you never deemed important like temperature and humidity. Believe me it matters a lot.

First I made a list of flavors that go well with chocolate. For instance, caramel, coconut. mint etc. Next I tried to make a creamy filling using those flavors. It took a while to perfect the fillings but I persevered.

This salted caramel filling gave me quite the heartache. I had to make it from scratch, but unfortunately the first attempt didn’t go as planned. I took the sugar syrup too far and my caramel sauce went darker than I wanted. Hence it tasted bitter. I tried convincing myself by tasting it again and again that it wasn’t too bitter. However once I ask my mum to try, she rightfully put me in my place and told me to try again. The second batch was much better and proceeded onto making these.

Since all of my test subjects were my family members, my sister and her kids precisely, I had to think of flavors they like. My sister’s favorite chocolate bar is Bounty. Even though I am not a fan myself, I tried the coconut filling next.

I have since then, successfully made quite a few flavors, including my mother’s favorite walnut clusters. They make excellent gift boxes for people I care about, since a lot of effort goes into making them. However as mentioned earlier, temperature and humidity play a great role at preserving the truffles, I have yet to hand out these truffles as gift boxes to people other than my immediate family members and a few friends. Rest assured I am diligently working on that.

Making chocolate truffles has been rewarding in more ways than one. Not only do I have a sweet treat available whenever I crave it, the entire process is very therapeutic. If you are a good friend, you can surely expect a box of my homemade truffles at your door very soon. If you’re not, well you can hopefully buy them soon.

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