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4 Fall 2019 Fashion Trends for Pakistan

Back when I was working as a writer for an online magazine, I used to spend a lot of time researching the latest fashion trends for different seasons. Many trends were simply too outrageous to even mention or add to my list, while some I thought people of Pakistan can certainly pull off and even add their own twist. However as I was going through the fall fashion trends 2019 list, I was extremely happy to see all the top fashion magazines now have plus sized models featured alongside the erm, thinner ones. I’ll try to stop gushing over how lovely all the women look, long enough to compile this list for you.

Look how pretty!

Here are some of the top fall fashion trends being obsessed over world wide. I will also attach which local brands might have something similar that you can check out.

Tiny bags:


A woman’s bag is known to have the entire universe within it. Whether she’s planning to go out for a few hours, or just minutes, her handbag will have an item she needs in case of every emergency, from an animal stampede (if only Simba had a handbag) to chipped off nail polish. But gone are the days when fashion also meant being practical. Now it’s all about being trendy. If you are used to huge bags that double as a way to hide those extra pounds, I suggest you grab some tissues to wipe away the tears. This fall if you want to be trendy, you’ll have to get something much much smaller.

Where to look: 

Jafferjees                                                Mango

The Color Purple:

I have always had a thing for a deep plummy purple, and being a perfect shade for fall, it is no surprise purple, with all its shades from a subtle lavender to deep plum, is a hot pick. Elle magazine is calling it the ‘Millennial purple’.

Where to look:



This trend is nothing new. As soon as fall starts to descend, the floral patterns of summer give way to the plaids.

Where to look:


Platform Heels

A woman in a pair of heels can conquer the world, or so she feels. This fall she can conquer whatever lies ahead in a pair of gorgeous platform heels.

Where to look:

Hobo by Hub

These are four of the top trends that we as Pakistanis can try this fall.



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