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5 Free Podcast Shows You Should Be Listening to

If you are anything like me, you need a constant noise in the background at every moment of your day. Whether it’s music, indistinct chatter from TV or someone talking, having something to break the constant silence is always welcome. I accidentally was introduced to a podcast and haven’t stopped since. My days aren’t very interesting. I usually am hiding in my room, playing a stupid game on my tablet, or in the kitchen baking something. Both these activities though relaxing don’t use up much of my brain. This I believe, is the best time to listen to something; hence my obsession with podcast shows.

If you too are planning to break the monotony of your days and want to have something fun and interesting to listen to during your mundane tasks, here is a list of my favorite podcast shows, in no particular order.

  •  My Favorite Murder

I have a questionable fascination with true crime. Be it documentaries, news stories or books, I am weirdly interested in learning all I can about it. And as I now know I am not alone. There is an entire community out there with my shared interest. A huge part of that community are the hosts of the podcast show My Favorite Murder. Two badass women Karen Kilgariff and Geogia Hardstark discuss murders that they have been fascinated by all their lives. The show is extremely relatable as the two women talk about their worse fears, anxiety and how talking about crime has made them more alert in their everyday lives. Their motto for everyone is ‘Fuck Politeness’ – a much needed sentiment in today’s world. Their tagline is ‘Stay Sexy and Don’t get murdered’ and during their shows they will tell just how. For instance ‘Don’t go into the woods’ ‘If you find yourself in a cult, call your dad’ and many more. For more info you can visit their website .

  • Last Podcast on the Left 

This is another one of my favorite podcasts. Also focusing primarily on true crime stories, three hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski take you on a unique tour of grisly crime scenes. Their features on serial killers and cults are particularly bone chilling, but the way they narrate the stories make it slightly easier to listen. However since it is three guys talking about crime, you will need to keep an open mind as the language tends to get r rated. My favorite episode is of their coverage of H.H. Holmes, a serial killer who built a hotel just to kill people. For more info check out their website.

  • Stuff you should know

Taking a break from true crime, this podcast will tell you, as the name suggests, what things you should know about. Hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, this show will tell you the science behind almost everything, from the smallest to the most complicated of things. From topics such as ‘What makes us yawn’ to ‘How dying works’, this is the easiest way to arm yourself with knowledge you can impress people with at the next dinner party! For more information visit their website.

  • Criminal

Look at that we are back to true crime. However this time around, it mostly isn’t grisly murders and death. This podcast focuses on people who commit crime or have been around criminal. The show is hosted by Phoebe Judge. My favorite episode of the show revolves around an Oakland resident (USA) who managed to stop the rising crime in his neighbourhood simply by installing a statue of Buddha on the cross section. Not only did crime rate lower drastically, the site became a holy shrine for the Buddhists who visit the spot from far and wide. Listen to more episodes of people sharing their experiences with crime on the website.

  • Dumb People Town

You know it was hard for me to choose just five for the list. However since most are true crime, I am trying to keep in mind that it’s not for everyone. In that case, this is the perfect podcast to listen to. People do dumb shit everyday, especially if they think no one is watching. However in today’s digital age, someone always is. This podcast is a compilation of people doing dumb stuff like putting weird things in the many orifices of the body. You will die laughing. It is hosted by Daniel Van Kirk, Randy Sklar, and Jason Sklar. For more info visit their facebook page.


What are some of your favorite podcasts? I know I need to branch out from true crime. It isn’t doing much to help my anxiety. Let me know which ones I should be listening to in the comments below.

Much Love.


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